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Abstract writing guidelines

Remember the guidelines given in the lecture, and specially that…

  • It has to be new (although the topic can be same than in e.g. your BSc thesis, you need to write new text, starting from scratch!)
  • Word limit is set between 350-400 words
  • Add 3-5 keywords (Please write them also again as labels; plus add more labels, e.g. about the countries involved in the study)
  • Needs to be rewritten many times until clear and interesting- make every word count!

Submitting the assignment

Add your abstract to the course website by creating a child page under this page. Follow the next steps:

  1. Proceed to create a page (click "Create" and then "Blank page" in the above menu while you are at this page)
  2. Name it as "<your name>, abstract", by typing so in the empty space above (where it says "New Page" in grey).
  3. In the space for text, include...
    1. the title
    2. the text of the abstract (350-400 words)
    3. 3 to 5 keywords
    4. add labels (1-8), by typing again the keywords (here you can add more, e.g. the countries involved in the study)
  4. Click "Save"


See calendar

1) Write own abstract (see deadline for abstract)

2) After the deadline, give feedback/comment at least 2 other abstracts (see deadline for feedback)

To whom I give feedback:

You will give feedback to at least 2 other abstracts of the two persons right below your assignment in the list.

If you are among the last ones, then you should provide feedback to the two persons starting from the top. By these means, everybody should have feedback from each other.

3) Make last changes in your abstract, this will be the version evaluated by the teachers.

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Page: (Blas-example, abstract) Page: Hoang The Trung, Abstract Page: Kishor Kumar Roy, abstract Page: Jorge Castel Clavera, abstract Page: Gabriele Longo, abstract Page: Akinyemi Olusegun Olaitan, Abstract Page: Giovanni Bozza, Abstract Page: Gerardo Rodas, Abstract Page: Fernando Esteban Montero de Oliveira, Abstract Page: Jinshuang Niu, abstract Page: Julián Gago Couceiro, abstract. Page: Umme Sara Santona, Abstract Page: Lauma Elza Miezīte, abstract Page: Lucia Mendez, Abstract. Page: Md. Rayhanur Rahman, Abstract Page: Md Mahmadul Hasan, Abstract Page: Reinis Cimdins, Abstract Page: Nathalie, abstract Page: Lan Dupuis, abstract Page: Diana-Cristina Simon, Abstract Page: Elaine Anne Parlade, Abstract Page: Tran Thanh Son, Abstract Page: Abegail Lovely Pasion, Abstract Page: Aelish Chaudhary, Abstract Page: Lucas Moura de Abreu, abstract Page: Jie Zhong, abstract Page: Yasmin Imparato Maximo, abstract Page: Camila Freitas Moinhos de Miranda, abstract Page: Shaohui Zhang, Abstract Page: Jules Giraudet Abstract Page: Mikko Nikunen, Abstract Page: Tom Henson, Abstract Page: Felipe Passos Caffaro, abstract Page: Krista Grönlund, abstract Page: Axel Alejandro Corte Aguillón, Abstract Page: Ryo Hibiya, Abstract Page: Daniel Acuña Parada, Abstract. Page: Johanna Bantin, abstract Page: <Kamal Acharya>, Final Abstract Page: Simant Rimal, Abstract Page: Kanta Chakraborty, Abstract Page: Amina Derlić, Abstract Page: Vijay Bhatt Abstract Page: Majid Hussain Raza, abstract Page: Muhammad Anas, Abstract Page: Anastasia Livitchuk, Abstract