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The course is evaluated through five assignments. Assignment 1 is compulsory and includes a short writing exercise. Assignment 2 and Assignment 3 are addressing writing style, and include a title and abstracts. Abstract 4 aims to help with the reading process of academic literature. Assignment 5 is a short presentation to be given in a live audience. Grading is from 0 to 5, with 1 being the minimum to pass the course, as standard in the UEF courses. 40% of the grade originates from the individual oral presentation (As5), 30% analysing a scientific article (As4),  20% from the individual abstract (As3). 10% from participation, title (As2)... Other assignments are obligatory to pass the course (As1).


The following calendar includes the deadlines and links to the main assignments (see assignments panel on the right).


AssignmentDescriptionDeadlineFormatMore informationWorkload (recommended)
Assignment 1Questionnaire8.09.2020-here*included in other assignments
Assignment 2Writing a title10.09.2020Wikihere*included in other assignments

Commenting min. 3 other titles

14.09.2020Wiki-peerhere*included in other assignments
Assignment 3Writing an abstract21.09.2020Wikihere4h
 Commenting min. 2 other abstracts24.09.2020Wiki-peerhere*included in other assignments
 Abstract last changes29.09.2020Wikihere 
Assignment 4Stream of ideas25.09.2020Wikihere5h
Assignment 5PresentationSeminar dayseminarhere8h

other assignments *





Assignment 1. Questionnaire

Assignment 2. Title

Assignment 3. Abstract

Assignment 4. Stream of ideas

Assignment 5. Presentations


NOTE: Please, be aware any delays in the submission of the assignments will distort the organisation of the course and it will have consequences in the grade of that assignment. Any not-justified delay in the submission will translate in the lowest grade (1/5) for that assignment.

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