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Structure of the course

Introduction and welcome to the course!. The lectures are structured in five main topics, related to different skills necessary along the academic career. Each of these topics is often developed throughout several sequential teaching hours, depending on the time table of each year and the course needs. The topics are not presented in chronological order, as this is adapted to each course timetable and number of students. Each topic has associated tasks and assignments. The tasks and proposed reflections are intended to help thinking the different aspects explained in the lectures. The assignments are intended to help developing and exercising the skills (writing, reading, presenting, synthesizing, etc...).

Requirements and evaluation

Grading is from 0 to 5, with 1 being the minimum to pass the course, as standard in the UEF courses. 40% of the grade originates from the individual oral presentation, 30% analysing a scientific article,  20% from the individual abstract. 10% from participation, title... Other assignments are obligatory to pass the course. Notice that not-justified delays in the submission of assignments result in the lowest grade in the overall assessment.

Course Guidelines

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, this year the course is organised fully online. That means that we lose the human contact, the direct interaction, and means we need to get adapted to the challenge. Feel free to contact the instructors any time for advise and guidance! Have a look at the sway presentation for the course's main guidelines.


The lectures are organised in five modules (topics), plus a seminar in the form of final presentations for a total of 1.5 ECTS. In Finland, 1 ECTS equals 27h of course workload, so this course is designed to fulfill 40.5h, distributed in ca. 18h of direct interaction and lectures, and the rest in preparing the lectures, assignments and tasks. See the calendar and assignments for further information.



Topic 1. Presentations

Audience - Deliver your message - Structure - Tools

Topic 2. Science and Academia

How science works? - Conferences - Communication channels - Posters

Topic 3. Writing Skills

Structure of the thesis - Organising ideas - Style - Rhythm

Topic 4. Reading Skills

How to read a paper? - Retrieving info - Reading fast & slow - Structure

Topic 5. Manuscripts and Reviews

Journals - Role of reviewers - Reputation


Academic skills in Forest Science [sway]


The main objectives of this online, pre-course session are:

  • To get familiar with the wiki course environment and the general possibilities of wiki pages
  • To reflect on your previous knowledge and experiences, as well as to share course expectations
  • To familiarize participants with the course objectives, schedule, methods of evaluation, course website etc

  • To discuss the importance of academic skills and science communication


  1. Browse freely within these wiki pages to understand how the information is organised.
  2. Go to the wiki sandbox and practice how to add or modify pages or contents


The first assignment consists on filling the online questionnaire [link]

See assignments plan for the rest of assignments



Credit load of the course

1.5 ECTS x 27 h/ECTS = 40.5 hours

~ 18 hours of contact teaching

~ 22 hours assignment preparation



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