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Course Materials and Printaouts

Book chapters

The Meaning of Science, Tim Lewens (2015)  [PDF]

Lebrun, J. L. (2011). Scientific writing 2.0: a reader and writer's guide. Chapter 10 on titles [PDF]

Lebrun, J. L. (2011). Scientific writing 2.0: Chapter on abstracts [PDF]

Academic Writing in English (Norris, 2016) [PDF]

Remote lectures

Mentoring and tutoring

This is a voluntary initiative for those students that would like to explore the possibilities of working in small teams. The online working groups will be made of one tutor, responsible of the group, and a maximum of 5 students. The agenda and meetings will be up to the tutor responsible. The objective is to discuss questions and doubts, and to be sure that all the information is available to all students, and there is fluent communication for those students overseas. The tutors should bring the questions and problems of the group of students to the meetings with the instructors. One student can only have one tutor.

Tutor responsible

Member 1

Member 2

Member 3

Member 4

Member 5

Group questions

Most of the lectures are being recorded, but for questions or for lectures that could not be attended due to the time zone difference, there will be zoom meetings in small groups. Priority is given to students that are not in Joensuu and have difficulties to attend the lectures due to timezone differences. The sessions will be 30 min. The time table of the sessions will be updated according to availability.

Question session







23.09.21 thu 10.00-12.00 (zoom/ BOR101)inès poumay (online)Hikmat Abdulazeez

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