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Xiaoqian XU


By giving presentations, you will have an opportunity to introduce your research and yourself. It is an efficient way to form your research network. Besides, your research fruits will be delivered to audiences and you get feedback from the discussion. In this part, we will talk about how to give an oral presentation and how to visualize the presentation. During the lectures, we will discuss how to deliver your research message to audiences and how use use visualized tool (PowerPoint/Prezi).



  • Lecture slides 2020 in PDF

  • Lecture slides 2020 in audio

Section 1 Oral presentations

Section 2 Structure presentations

Section 3 Visualize presentations (1)

Section 4 Visualize presentations (2)

Section 5 Before the presentations

Section 6 During the presentations

Section 7 Accidents during the presentations 

Section 8 Online presentations


  • Instruction slides for assignment 5 

Section 9 Instructions for assignment 5. Presentations

Materials from previous lectures


Example for slide structure from the Penn state university, following the "effective" structure (title slide+hook slide+story slides (claim+evidence)+take away slide) link here

How stories captivate? Tomás Pueyo TED presentation about how to transform a presentation into a story.


Task 1 Watch this video showing a presentation that follows the assertive evidence method

Task 2 Have a look at the page of useful links for presentations

Task 3 Check the UEF logo, the template for UEF slides (PowerPoint) and Prezi (and remember that templates can be modified!)

Task 4 Check more model presentations using the Assertion-Evidence approach in this link



Why you give oral presentations?

Who are your audiences?

What do you want audiences to know?

Where presentations take place?

[These questions may help the students to focus and reflect on the topic contents. They do not require to be submitted as an assignment and are not to be evaluated.]




The objectives of this session are:

  • To understand the fundamental elements of an oral academic presentation
  • To understand the principles of the assertive evidence method


Watch the audio slides and check the tasks before the lecture day

Lecture day 1: 18th Sep

Watch Section 1 - Section 5, check task 1 and task 2

Lecture day 2: 24th Sep

Watch Section 6 - Section 9, check task 3 and task 4


Assignment 5. Presentation.

  • Register in Seminars
  • Check instruction slides Section 9 Instructions for assignment 5. Presentations
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