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Reading Skills


How to read a manuscript?

In this part of the course we will focus on developing reading skills, understanding what is the process of publishing a paper in a scientific journal and designing an effective poster and presenting it to the public. Developing your reading skills will help you work and study more efficiently. Extracting ideas from a text is an essential process needed to understand what is the message that the authors want to deliver. Through different examples and the final assignment, we will learn how to identify the main ideas and the thesis that the authors defend in a scientific text. This can also help you to better structure the text and the information when writing your thesis or any academic work. Another important skill is to be able to share and explain your research findings. Posters are one way to share your research and make connections at the same time. When presenting a poster, you will meet all kinds of people, and some of them can give you good ideas for your research and become potential collaborators.


Developing reading skills [lecture]

Publishing process [lecture


How do you read a scientific paper? Do you read all the sections in the same way?

Do you know what are the steps to publish your research?

[These questions may help the students to focus and reflect on the topic contents. They do not require to be submitted as an assignment and are not to be evaluated.]


The objectives of this session are:

  • To understand how to read scientific articles
  • To identify the main ideas of an article
  • To understand how the publishing process works


Watch the presentations (using the option "slide show") before the lecture day. Watch also the presentation about posters in section 2. Science & Academia of the course.


Watch the audio slides and check the tasks before the lecture day

Lecture day: During the lecture we will discuss about the topics in the presentations, the assignment and possible doubts.


Assignment 4. Stream of ideas. [instructions]

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