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First Suggested Title : Composition of biomass analysis using High-Resolution Thermogravimetric Analysis (HR-TGA)  for the selection of bio-energy crop varieties.

Final Title : High-Resolution Thermogravimetric Analysis (HR-TGA) of biomass composition for selection of bio-energy crop varieties.


Abstract : Optimization of biomass properties is crucial for converting biomass into fuels. High-Resolution Thermogravimetric Analysis (HR-TGA) anlysis can be the best option to determine the biomass composition rapidly for bioenergy crop varieties.Validation of HR-TGA method requires bulk biomass collection and traditional wet chemistry techniques.In HR-TGA method, samples were analyzed using a thermogravimetric anlyzer with a heating rate of 20°Cmin‾1 . There is no thermal degradation in this method but reduced during significant mass loss. HR-TGA can measure accurately the lignin, cellulose and hemicellulose content and identify differences in compositional analysis between biomass with bark and without bark samples. This method proved to be a effective tool in conjunction with H-NMR for the selection of bioenergy crops.

Keyword: Biomass composition; HR-TGA analysis; Bio-energy crop varieties.


 (Michelle J. and Kimberly D. 2009)

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  1. Hi! Umme~ it is my pleasure to read the abstract that I am really interested. I really love your topic, and your objective and methods are very clear. The abstract is very well structured, and you mentioned every important aspects of the study. But I think it will be better if you can make the abstract flow more smoothly, which means that you can connect the content closer using some linking words or sentences.  Also, I don't think your abstract meet the word number requirement, but, anyway, it doesn't matter you state every important things very clear. These are all my own suggestions, hope they will be helpful for you~

  2. Hi Umme,

    It is an interesting topic! The problem is directly explained at the beginning and the structure of the abstract is quite clear. Your choice of keywords is very suitable for the study as well. I just have some recommendations for you:

    1) I would recommend you to use some connectors between the different parts of your abstract, that will help us to read understand it better and will provide a smoother reading.

    2) I think your abstract is a bit short and you could extend it. For instance, you could write one sentence more in the introduction (very beginning) and another one developing more the possible applications of the method and/or implications of the study.


    Best Regards,