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Recent and future trends in (bio)energy



The session will present and discuss recent global developments in the energy field, with a focus on renewable energy (incl. bioenergy) and include a short foresight exercise, pondering possible future developments and their effects on (bio)energy. Both these elements are important in the context of this course, because some of the trends in the global energy field have been strong and surprising in recent years, resulting in a clearly different “energy landscape” for the time being. Therefore, it is important to 1) get a firm grip on the trends, 2) analyze why they have come about and what their implications are, 3) ponder and imagine future developments that might change recent trends in another direction.


Lecture Slides  [2019 PDF] [2020 PDF][2021 PDF][2021b PDF]

"Trends in Bioenergy", Ioannis Dimitriou [video]

Complementary Materials

IRENA Renewable Power Generation Costs in 2018 [PDF][PDFb]

IEA Renewables [PDF]

"World energy outlook." Paris: International Energy Agency (2018) [PDF]



What the reports of the International Energy Agency (IEA) tell about the future trends?

How do the recent trends change/challenge earlier understanding of bio energy developments, markets and policies

Discuss and imagine a few factors that might clearly change the present trends

How could the global energy field look like 2030, if some factors change the present course of events?


[These questions may help the students to focus and reflect on the topic contents. They do not require to be submitted as an assignment and are not to be evaluated.]


This session focuses on:

  • Why is there a need for foresight in bio (and other) energy developments?

  • What is foresight and how can it be made?


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