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  • 8. Bioenergy Market Supply
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Bioenergy market supply chains 

Xiaoqian XU, Robert PRINZ


Bioenergy products are produced and delivered from the upstream to downstream. In bioenergy market supply chains, feedstocks come from plantations or residues in upstream. Different bioenergy products could be produced for power generation, heating, or other use in downstream. There are many supply chains for sellers to deliver bioenergy products to consumers. Different factors in the supply chains could influence the stability of the bioenergy market. Policies as instruments for operating bioenergy market in four Asian countries are to be presented in the lecture.


Lecture slides 2021 in [PDF][video]

Lecture slides 2021 in audio [Part 1 audio[Part 2 audio]

Complementary materials

Dajun Yue, Fengqi You, Seth W. Snyder,Biomass-to-bioenergy and biofuel supply chain optimization: Overview, key issues and challenges, Computers & Chemical Engineering, 66,2014, 36-56

Stefan Gold, Stefan Seuring, Supply chain and logistics issues of bio-energy production, Journal of Cleaner Production,19(1), 2011, 32-42

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Lecture Slides 2020 [PDF]

Lecture Slides 2019 [PDF]



Do you know some examples of supply chains in bioenergy market?

What factors may influence bioenergy market?

How to help the market be active?

[These questions may help the students to focus and reflect on the topic contents. They do not require to be submitted as an assignment and are not to be evaluated.]


This session focuses on:

  • Bioenergy supply from the upstream, midstream and downstream.
  • Examples in different supply chains.
  • Influencing factors of market supply.
  • Policies implement in four Asian counties.


Watch the audio slides before the lecture day

Lecture day: 28th JAN 2021

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