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Policy incentives in Bioenergy markets


To provide an overview of the policy incentives that have been used to develop bioenergy related technologies and markets. The sources of information can be based in academic publications, policy reports, as well as grey literature. A brief evaluation of the effects of this actions must also be provided, with a prognosis of the effects in the markets. The overview has to be brief and structured according to the following guidelines.


A specific technology or product related to bioenergy must be selected, following the criteria:

  • It has to be oriented to the production of wood biomass for energy
  • It should be preferably in your country or region

The structure of the text has to be divided in the following parts:

  1. Description of the product or technology. This description has to include all those details relevant to the policy and market measures taken. The product or technology can be related to e.g. production of forest chips, liquid wood-based fuels from industry, pellets, biodiesel, biomass for biogass, etc... 
  2. Description of the market. This description has to deal with the current consumption/production patterns, prices, establishment level, etc...
  3. Description of the policy measures. It should include a review of the main policy measures that were used for the development of the market, whether subsidies, taxes, quotas, etc...
  4. Evaluation of the effect of this measures. It must entail a brief evaluation of the measures described, and its success / failure when translated to the markets. This part is based on your opinion and expertise although it must be supported by facts or citations.
  5. References: This is an essential part of the report, and the information provided has to be adequately cited.

Submitting the assignment

Add your brief report to the course website by creating a child page under this page. Follow the next steps:

  1. Log in
  2. Proceed to create a page (click "Create" and then "Blank page" in the above menu while you are at this page)
  3. Name it as "<your name>, keyword", by typing so in the empty space above (where it says "New Page" in grey). The key word may refer to the case, technology  or location.
  4. In the space for text, follow the structure suggested by the guidelines. In general:
    1. length: about two-three pages, it is a brief report
    2. add labels (1-8), by typing again the keywords (here you can add more, e.g. the region, the product or technology, policy keywords...)
  5. (You may add attachments as well)
  6. Click "Save"


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