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Database of policy documents for Bioenergy markets


It aims at complementing the existing database of policy documents based on academic or grey literature. The contributor must complement the contents, add necessary literature sources and correct for possible mistakes both in the contents and format. The contribute should ensure that the information is right and correctly cited, and the text is clear and the figures and tables are presented adequately, following standard conventions of academic literature.

The objectives are to get familiar with an alternative case of bioenergy policy and to enhance the quality of the assignments collected by collaborative work.


The student should chose the assignment right ABOVE! the student's assignment. That means that the first one in the list should correct the last one (ie: Robin BARAT (last one) must work with (last one Xiaoqian XU) assignment, and the rest, with the one directly below).

Remember the guidelines from Assignment 1. Check that the titles for each part are consistent and the contents are relevant to the objectives of the original assignment.

You are encouraged to contact the author of the assignment you are correcting in order to discuss viewpoints and to access to the original documents, or simply to know better about the topic.

The new additions in this case can be made using literature in English.

Submitting the assignment

Add your brief report to the course website by creating a child page under this page. Follow the next steps:

  1. Proceed to edit the page created (click "Edit page" in the menu of the original price)
  2. Add a title in the top of the report, relating to the bioenergy case/technology. But remember: do not change the name of the page.
  3. Add the original contributor and your name below the title. 
  4. In the space for text, follow the structure suggested by the guidelines. In general:
    1. length: about two-three pages, it is a brief report
    2. add labels (1-8), by typing again the keywords (here you can add more, e.g. technology, location, region, policy instruments...)
  5. You may add new attachments as well and references. Look up all the citations and be sure that the conform general practices in academic literature. Complement any lack of citations when relevant.
  6. Click "Save"


NOTE: Please, do not create additional child-pages, as you must edit the original document in Assignment 1. Those pages created here have been moved to Assignment 1, under the original document.



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