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Bioenergy governance: conflict cases


To retrieve information concerning bionenergy based conflicts, and to analyse the cases and the stakeholders involved in each of them. The sources of information can be based in academic publications, policy reports, as well as grey literature, newspaper reports, ENGOs campaigns, etc... The conflict case has to be analysed in a brief and structured way according to the following guidelines.


A conflict related to bioenergy has to be chosen, following the criteria:

  • It has to be related to the production of bioenergy
  • It should be preferably in your country or region, or in areas you are familiar with

The structure of the text has to be divided in the following parts:

1. Title & Name
2. Background information:

2.1 Generic information about the conflict: When starts, is on-going, location (region, closest city, coordinates, etc…)
2.2 . Conflict type: Explanations on the conflict type (Land use conflicts, Biomass extraction conflicts (legally), Bioenergy plants established, generic bioenergy governance conflicts…)
2.3. Resources involved: Solid wood, Fire wood, Logging residues, Industrial residues, Agricultural products, Agricultural residues, Animal waste, Household waste, Industrial waste, etc…

3. Evaluation of the conflict

3.1. Main Issues and descriptions: Information about the consequences (Ecological, Economical, Social, Cultural)
3.2. Main stakeholders involved (ENGOs, companies, associations... and their role in the conflict)
3.3. Analysis of the stakeholders values and interests
3.4. Evaluation of the intensity of the conflict (disagreement, violence, etc…)
3.5. Evaluation of the possible causes of the conflict (poor regulations, poor government actions, economic factors, etc...) 
3.6. Main elements that may preclude conflict resolution
3.7. Main elements that may encourage conflict escalation

4. Keywords and identifiers of the conflict
5. References (the references should be following the general guidelines of academic literature)

Submitting the assignment

Add your brief report to the course website by creating a child page under this page. Follow the next steps:

  1. Proceed to create a page (click "Create" and then "Blank page" in the above menu while you are at this page)
  2. Name it as "<your name>, keyword", by typing so in the empty space above (where it says "New Page" in grey). The key word may refer to the conflict nature or lonation.
  3. In the space for text, follow the structure suggested by the guidelines. In general:
    1. length: about two-three pages, it is a brief report
    2. add labels (1-8), by typing again the keywords (here you can add more, e.g. the region, the source of the conflict, stakeholders...)
  4. (You may add attachments as well, especially if the documents are difficult to retrieve)
  5. Click "Save"

Page: Adikurnia, Ignatius Kristia - Palm oil Company vs local communities (study case from Bengkulu, Indonesia) Page: Aelish Chaudhary, Forest area conflict - Nijgadh International Airport Page: Anastasia Livitchuk - Local authority does not allow the boiler room to operate Page: Arthur GUENEGO - Power plant of Gardanne Page: Arthur Jaccard- Public opinion against a project of methanisation in France Page: Biofuels Conflicts in Bangladesh, Sheikh Md Mohasin Page: Camila Maciel - Slavery in the Brazilian Charcoal Production Page: Conflicts 2016-2018 Page: Daniel Provzník - The excessive growing of rapeseed (Brassica napus) mainly for the production of biodiesel causes death of roe deer (Capreolus Capreolus) in the Czech Republic. Page: Dargein Axel - Tonnerre biomass plant, France. Page: Diana-Cristina Simon - "Firewood Crisis" in Romania, 2016-2017 Page: Elisa Heinonen, Peat use in Finland Page: Hanna Joronen, Stump harvest in Finland Page: Hasan Md Mahmadul- Palm oil conflict in Malaysia Page: Jana Schultz: Public protests in Germany against Government weakening the energy transformation Page: Jie Zhong-Tianjingwa waste incineration power plant in Nanjing, China Page: Jip Dekker - Dutch government vs. Dutch students Page: Joonas Mattsson, Stump harvesting conflict in Finland in 2010s. Page: Jorge Castel Clavera. Conflict with bioenergy plant and local activists From Monzón, Spain. Page: José González Santacruz: Biomass management difficulties in Catalonia Page: Jouni Tuukkanen, Helen Oy & Bioenergy Page: Jyrkinen Essi, use of peat in Finland Page: Kanta Chakraborty, Power plant dispute in Sundarbans, Bangladesh. Page: Kishor Kumar Roy, Jatropha plantation conflicts for biodiesel in Tamil Nadu, India Page: Krista Grönlund, Biogas plant conflict in Forssa, Finland Page: Lauma Elza Miezite. New bioenergy plant establishment conflict in Latvia Page: López Gómez Yeray Manuel - ENCE Uruguay Page: Lucas Moura de Abreu, Use of firewood and charcoal in the Caatinga region, Brazil Page: Lucie Jeannin, The farm of a thousand cows & methanisation in France Page: Luize Lepiksone, Tree felling conflict in Latvia Page: Lydie Lhabitant, Biorefinery of La Mède in France Page: Majid Hussain Raza, Jatropha Plantation Conflict- Dakatcha Woodland, Kenya Page: Maksim Bocharnikov - Illegal logging in Russia Page: Manish_Pakhrin_Saami/Metsähallitus Forest Conflict, Inari, Finland Page: Martina Bueso Ferrer. Thermal generation plant from biomass planned in Navatejera, Spain. Page: Matheus S. Costa Indigenous people and sugar cane plantations for ethanol production Page: Mathilde Maufrais, Tozzi Green Conflict in Madagascar Page: Md. Rayhanur Rahman, Land use conflict in Madhupur Sal (Shorea robusta) forest of Tangail, Bangladesh Page: Md Muzammel Haque, conflict on palm plantation in Srilanka Page: Miguel Ángel Gullón, Eucalypt plantations in Galicia, Spain Page: Mikko Nikunen. Carbon sink conflict in Finland Page: Mohammad Habibur Rahman, Land use conflict in biodiesel production in Bangladesh Page: Mohsina Siddique- Conflict on Palm Plantation in Indonesia. Page: Muhammad Anas, Billion Tree Tsunami Afforestation Project in Pakistan Page: Muhammad Kamrul Hasan,Hydro Power conflicts in India Page: Ninon Saint-Antoine - Conflict case : Senethanol-Senhuile project in Senegal Page: Obed Asamoah : Jatropha, conflicts Bioresources, Ghana, Stakeholders, Investors. Page: Pemelyn Santos, Oil palm plantation conflicts in Palawan, Philippines Page: Ramesh Karri, Waste to Energy Plant conflict, India Page: Reinis Cimdins, People complain escalates public forest certificate (FSC) cancellation in Latvia Page: Renata Aguayo Lopes: Illegal logging conflicts in Brazil Page: Ryo Hibiya, Palm oil biomass power plant in Kyoto, Japan Page: Sara Garcia Sala. New biomass plant in Gijón, Spain Page: Simon Fleckenstein: Food crops versus energy crops: land-use conflicts in Germany Page: Sören Pollmann: The increase of biogas productions, corn plantations and the increased boar population in NRW, Germany Page: THE FARM OF A THOUSAND COWS & METHANISATION IN FRANCE, LUCIE JEANNIN Page: Thomas GRIMBERT - Conflict around the Pierrelatte biomass plant (France) Page: Tobias Nowakowski - Conflict between agriculture and biodiversity Page: Tommi Väisänen, Conflict of increasing forest loggings. Page: Tuomas Mauno, Stump harvesting and its environmental impacts and discussion in Finland Page: Umme Sara Santona, Coal plant conflict in Mangrove forest, Bangladesh. Page: Vijay Bhatt_Conflict on Woodchip use in powerplant in Eden, Australia Page: Wenyue Ji, Conflicts of Biogas Plants for Crop Straws in China