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Biofuels Conflicts in Bangladesh

Background Information:

A biofuel can be defined as the fuel produced from a contemporary biological process like anaerobic digestion. Biofuels can directly derive from plants and indirectly from the agricultural or industrial residues. Renewable biofuels can be produced from the microalgae by photosynthesis process (Biofuels).

Bangladesh is on of the example if the country that the biofuels come from the agricultural sector at the household level. It is found that about 61 % of biomass energy of fuel comes from crop residues such as- jute sticks, rice straw, rice hulls, sugarcane refuse and other products. Animal drug provide 24 % and rest come from firewood, twigs and leaves (ITA).

It is also found that the biodiesel from biomass produce less CO2 which is good for green environment and the production cost is less than other girls. Moreover, algae give more production of biodiesel than other plants. The following table-1 give a idea that algae produce more biodiesel than other plants (Kairul and Husnain).


Source: (Kairul & Husnain).

Biofuel or biodiesel produce from agricultural crops needs additional use of agricultural lands which effect the environment. For the raw materials of biofuel need a large area for the crop production. Moreover, it is found that a large of land is covered by algae or other crop production which was previously used for agricultural production. Although biofuel is good for the environment but the raw materials of biofuel decreasing the agricultural land which leads to ecological and environmental effect in the different countries. Another think is that the biofuel can not flow with low temperature, so it is not possible to store in the cold temperature. The biofuel is not possible to flow by pipe lines like other fuel and it is requiring truck or rail for transportation (Shorif).

Evaluation of the Conflict:

Biofuels can be considered one of the attractive and alternative sources of energy in the world. The biofuels reduce amount of CO2 in the atmosphere and produce less CO2 in compare to fossil fuels. The next generation biofuels are environmentally friendly and will produce more biofuels with less cost. The biofuels are one of the clean fuels with short alcohol chain. At present the researcher are trying to produce biodiesel from algae and algae produce higher amount of biodiesel than other raw materials. The production of biodiesel from algae is less time consuming with less cost.


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