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Page: <Esko Salo>,UPM logging operations on Ärjänsaari island in Finland Page: <YinWah Wong>, Land use conflict on Palm Plantation in Bengkulu, Indonesia Page: Alejandra López Ramírez, the risks of growing bioethanol imports from U.S in Colombia Page: Alejandro Barrios Becerra, Overexploitation of forest biomass in Spain Page: Aleksei Bolabolov, "Protests against pellet plant" Page: Andis Zvirgzdins, Protest against Bioenergy plant in Denmark Page: Anna Botcula, Conflict of pellet plant’s transaction Page: Anup Nepal, Neste´s biodiesel production conflict Page: Arina Vencele.Daugavpils BPE Page: Arnau Martorell Sala, Biomass plant conflict in Cassà de la Selva (Catalunya, Spain) Page: Barat Robin, Protest against biomass plant in Tonnerre (France) Page: Bartelink Sven, Windenergy Conflict Netherlands Page: Bello Kafayat:Bioenergy decision impact assessment in Ghana Page: Binyam Yosef, Biofuel Plantation Conflict Escalation In Ethiopia Page: Biofuels conflicts in Bangladesh-Riva Hossain Page: Biomass plant conflict in La Garriga, Barcelona (Spain) By Sergio Martinez Suñer Page: Blanca Ribas Villalta - Eucalyptus conflict in Spain Page: Chloé LEGRAND, Power plant in Gardanne Page: Cristina Foresti – A Dispute Concerning a Biomass Plant in Northern Italy Page: Daniela Tináková, BIOMASAker, Slovakia Page: Deforestation of Modhupur national park, Tangalil, Bangladesh.By Hossain Mohammad Noyazzesh. Page: Deforestation of Modhupur national park, Tangalil, Bangladesh. By Hossain Mohammad Noyazzesh. Page: Dong Yang, Biomass and Land Use Conflicts of Stora Enso, China Page: Eftimiya Salo, EU supporting illegal palm oil plantations Page: Eleanora Alen, Horse manure burning conflict in Finland Page: Elija Reihlere - Biogas station in Pärnu (EST) Page: Érika Pinto - Conflict with Forest Biomass in a National Park in Spain Page: Fanyou Wu,Conflicts of conversion of degraded farm land into forest land in China Page: Gutas Iulian-Dan, Austrian company faces public oppression in Romania Page: Hélène Koch - A “raw material war” in Wallonia? Paper and panel industries vs. wood bioenergy Page: Hilkka Haatainen, peat discussion in Finland Page: Hsiao-Fan WU. Food self-sufficiency ratio and bioethanol development in Taiwan. Page: Ilaria Zorzi - Conflict over a biomass plant construction in Italy Page: Jakob Derks - renewable energy subsidies through taxation in Belgium Page: Jakub Chaloupecky, conflict with planting rapeseed in the Czech Republic Page: Jenna Ojala, Peat conflict in Finland Page: Jerbelle Elomina, Water and air pollution from bioethanol plant, Philippines Page: Joanna Pranga, Bioethanol AEG in Poland - factory closure and protests. Page: José Solís Parejo - Conflict at regional scale between Biomass plant and animal husbandry sector in Extremadura, Spain Page: Jose Solis Parejo - Regional conflict between Biomass plant and animal husbandry sector in Extremadura, Spain Page: Julie Kheidr - Canada's Oil Abundance Slow's Bioenergy Markets Page: Juriaan Zandvliet, Conflict over Carbon Neutrality of Bioenergy Page: Juuso Parviainen - Stump harvesting in Finland Page: Katharina Guillon, Methanation in France Page: Kötterheinrich, Kristina: Environmental protection conflict: Biomass production and field birds Page: Kseniia Plevak. Air pollution as a result of pellet production Page: Laura Pikkarainen, Stump harvesting in Finland – Environmental impact Page: Leon Dijks, Kickback of an ambitious afforestation plan Page: Liene Kalvane, Short rotation plantation conflict in Latvia Page: Luiz Felipe Galizia - Impacts of palm oil production in Brazilian Amazon Page: Mahmuda Hossain, Conflict of Rampal Power Plant, Bangladesh Page: María Murcia, Environmental conflict in a biomass plant in Spain Page: Mathilde Perez-Huet, Under attack! Wood pellet production threaten to endanger fragile ecosystems and native wildlife in North Carolina Page: Max Thien: Establishment of a biogas park in Güstrow, Germany Page: Md. Saidur Rahaman, Land use conflicts of Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh. Page: Md Mokbul HOSSAIN, Issue of Energy expansion and Land use conflict in Bangladesh Page: Mikko Koivisto, Stump lifting in Finland Page: Mikola Krenzel, Planned biogas plant in Webau (GER) Page: Miles Drury - The UK Bioenergy Strategy and imports of biomass fuels Page: Minyuan Xu Energy and Food Conflicts in China Page: Mona Nazari, Sustainable development conflicts in Iran, Oil or renewable energy? Page: Nico Schäfer, Biogas conflict in Lower Saxony Page: Otso Liikanen, Trade-off between reaching emissions targets and maintaining carbon sinks in Finland Page: Owusu Sarpong Barnes. Bioenergy Conflicts in Kenya, Tana Delta Page: Paolo Batello, Dead Koala Power in New South Wales - Australia Page: Pardeep Singh, Biomass and Land Conflicts(Jatropha plantation project) in Patan district, Gujarat, India. Page: Patrik Rada, Logging residue conflict Page: Pedro Parigot, conflicts in a land reform settlement project in Brazil Page: Pekka Ijäs, Sustainability concern ignited by Metsä Fibre's bioproduct mill in Äänekoski Page: Pham Huu Minh - The conflicts in bioenergy production in Vietnam Page: Piia Ikonen, tall oil discussion in Finland Page: Pulpwood used for energy production? - Elina Koskimäki Page: Rahel Beil, Vermaisung in Germany Page: RAJI HABEEB- BIOENERGY CONFLICT IN ETHIOPIA Page: Ramji Pandey, Chisapani community forest users group (CFUG)- conflict case study in Nepal Page: Reaching the Unreached, Biomass or Nuclear based energy: Bangladesh in Dilemma Page: Regional conflict between Biomass plant and animal husbandry sector in Extremadura, Spain Page: Rulong Cao, The land use Conflict between bioenergy and food supply in Jiangsu Province, China Page: Ruusu Tuusa: Wood energy in Finland - carbon neutral? Page: Sandra Sandar, Six years of conflict of renewable energy in Iceland Page: Sangharshasaksham Mishra, Park people conflict for fuelwood collection in Sagarmatha National park (Mt. Everest) region. Page: Seikh Sharif, (Establishing Rampal Power Plant Conflict between Government and People in Bangladesh) Page: Shourav Dutta, Conflicts on Forest Biomass and Land use: An Overview of Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh Page: Sikander Zaman Khan, Palm Oil Conflicts in Kalimantan, Indonesia Page: Solène Savaete, Biomass power plant conflict in Pierrelatte, France Page: Soumaya Chibily, soy monocultures in Argentina Page: Taneli Pantsar, Biogas conflict in Kouvola, Finland Page: Teija Kanniainen, The conflict case of Inari forests in Upper Lapland Page: Thaís PRADO, Conflicts of ethanol production in Brazil Page: Tianyu LI, Conflicts in China's bioenergy Page: Toni Ruotsalainen, New restrictions in subsidies for producing electricity with forest chips Page: Valeriya Serbina "Crises of the Vyborg Timber Corporation" Page: Ville Koivusalo, Neste Oil using palm oil Page: Vincent Onckelet, Land use conflict (Methanisation for energy VS Agriculture for food) in Morbihan (France) Page: Xiaoqian Xu, Bioenergy Conflict in China Page: XudongBao, Genetically engineered eucalyptus plantations for bioenergy threaten the entire ecosystem in China Page: Yajing Li, The impact of the development of bioenergy on the use of agricultural products Page: Yekaterina Malykhina_The problem of disposal of wood waste Page: Yidnekachew H. Biza _ Bioenergy conflict Page: Yoko Lu, Forestry in Canada Page: Yuting Zhang,Conflicts between bio-fuels on food security in China