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Course coordination

Blas MOLA-YUDEGO, School of Forest Sciences, Borealis room 376, email address: blas.mola(at)


Course timetable [weboodi]

Teaching Method

  • Development of knowledge on the topic
  • Pre-readings and open discussion of the topics
  • Development of skills and practical knowledge
  • Generation of new information and make it available


Grading is from 0 to 5, with 1 being the minimum to pass the course.

70% of the grade originates from the final exam, 30%  from course assignments. The assignments are obligatory to pass the course.


Credit load of the course: 6 ECTS

6 ECTS  x 27 h/ECTS  = 162 hours

~ 30-35 hours of contact teaching

~ 50-60 hours assignment preparation

~ 60-65 hours self-studying


Final examination

The dates for the final exam will be posted here. There will be also general examination options.

First Exam Date: 11 FEB 12-14h F100

Second Exam Date: 25 FEB 8-10h BOR101

General examination dates: 12 FEB, 11 MAR, 8 APR, 6 MAY, 5 JUN (12h at F100)

The exam will be in written form and it only requires pen/pencil and paper. The student must choose and answer three questions out of the four alternatives presented and the answers must develop the proposed questions. The questions are rather open (see examples) and the answers may include alternative examples to illustrate the topic. The answers must include a critical discussion of the topic presented.

Max. duration: 2 hrs

Examination rules can be found at:



Overview of the markets for biomasses for energy production and biomass based value chains globally and within the European Union (EU), including the supply, quantity, demand, and consumption as well as consumer market aspects. Fundamentals of the policies that have impacts on the supply and consumption of wood energy biomass

Complementary knowledge

Bioenergy governance at local and global level. International bioenergy business, role of bioenergy for the development of rural areas and entrepreneurship


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