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Here we will post frequent asked questions   (smile)

How to download academic publications:

All publications included as readings are available inside the campus for download. Keep in mind that when the access is off the campus, you may be directed to a payment portal. In that case, please, follow the instructions for Remote Access Use.


How to edit a wiki page:

Simply click in the button "Edit" on the right upper corner, and start adding/modifying text etc.

Once you are done, you can choose to see the page by clicking in the "Preview" button. You can then "Save" the changes or "Cancel" them, All these 3 options will be visible at the lower left corner. 

How to add a child page in the wiki:

To create a child page (a sub-page, meaning a page under the one you are seeing at the moment), click "Create" from the upper left menu. When you create a childpage while at this page, the resulting page will be a child page of this Sandbox page. Once you do this, please see how the page is situated in relation to the left (tree-like menu).

*Note that the possibility for you to delete pages is disabled (to prevent accidents), so if you wish to delete a page you have created, please contact the course instructor.

How to add a label in a wiki page:

You can add labels by clicking at the pencil icon next to the existing labels (lower right corner).

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