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The following list contains a review of different documents concerning the use of policy measures in bioenergy markets. The documents are organised by countries, and the aim is to provide with an overview beyond what has been discussed in the lectures, and to facilitate assignment 1. Anybody can add documents if you judge them relevant.


Madlener, R. (2007). Innovation diffusion, public policy, and local initiative: The case of wood-fuelled district heating systems in Austria. Energy Policy,35(3), 1992-2008 [PDF]


Zhuang, J., Gentry, R. W., Yu, G. R., Sayler, G. S., & Bickham, J. W. (2010). Bioenergy sustainability in China: potential and impacts.Environmental management46(4), 525-530 [PDF]


Ericsson, K., Huttunen, S., Nilsson, L. J., & Svenningsson, P. (2004). Bioenergy policy and market development in Finland and Sweden. Energy policy32(15), 1707-1721. [PDF]


Nilsson, L. J., Pisarek, M., Buriak, J., Oniszk-Popławska, A., Bućko, P., Ericsson, K., & Jaworski, L. (2006). Energy policy and the role of bioenergy in Poland. Energy Policy34(15), 2263-2278 [PDF]


Muñoz, I., & Goltsev, V. (2012). Comparison of Wood Based Energy Related Policies in Russia and Finland: Case Study of the Republic of Karelia and North Karelia. Working Papers of the Finnish Forest Research Institute 225. Finnish Wood Research, Metsäntutkimuslaitos (METLA). Finland. [PDF]


Hillring, B. (1998). National strategies for stimulating the use of bioenergy: policy instruments in Sweden. Biomass and Bioenergy14(5-6), 425-437. [PDF]

Different countries

Morgera, E., Kulovesi, K., & Gobena, A. (2009). Case studies on bioenergy policy and law: options for sustainability. FAO Legislative Study, (102) [PDF]