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Course's summary

Topics on Bioenergy Markets and Policies

This is a list of topics summarising the lectures and help prepare the final exam.


 [Being Updated]

  1. Description of the most common policy instruments to promote bioenergy development
  2. Review of externalities produced by bioenergy utilization
  3. Structural factors related to the analysis of wood markets and policies (***)
  4. Main policies affecting the production and use of energy wood in Europe
  5. Effects of the subsidies in the markets as a tool to promote bioenergy
  6. Effects of the taxes in the markets as a tool to promote bioenergy
  7. Policy measures implemented in Sweden for the promotion of energy crops: review and assessment
  8. Main stages of adoption of energy crops by farmers
  9. Main barriers to the implementation of bioenergy technology
  10. Provide a case of the policy incentives that have been used to develop pellet markets, overview and evaluation
  11. Provide a case of the policy incentives that have been used to develop biodiesel, overview and evaluation
  12. Current development of pellet markets in Europe. Describe situation, main threats and future trends
  13. Locate and describe the main pellet production areas in Europe
  14. Ethical analysis in forest conflicts associated to bioenergy: description, objectives, examples
  15. Explain the green certificate mechanism and discuss its impacts on bioenergy market development (***)
  16. Carbon tax: mechanism, effects on the markets, advantages and disadvantages
  17. Provide a case of bioenergy related conflict, describing the main stakeholders including a brief analysis of the framework situation
  18. How do recent developments in global energy production challenge some established views concerning the role of bio-based energy in the future? (***)

  19. The role of Finland on the international bioenergy market: choose one country and compare (***)

  20. How different types of measures can affect bioenergy markets?

  21. What is the role of ENGO's in bioenergy policy and governance? (***)
  22. Describe how policy has influenced the wood-based bioenergy market in Finland

  23. Oil crisis: conditions and effects on the energy markets.


  24. how global level policy agreements affect the implementation of country level policies?

  25. What would be the main market barriers for bioenergy in the energy market?

  26. How can we influence the adoption of an innovation?

  27. Limitations and characteristics at the different stages on pellet production, storage and transportation.