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Reading groups                  

The idea

Before the course the students will read the given articles. During the course the articles will be discussed in so called reading groups on the 12th of May:

  • articles by Antrop and Walz  - Landscape ecology - introduction by Iwona Markuszewska
  • articles by Minca and Waage - Cultural landscape -  introduction by Minna Tanskanen
  • articles by Newman and Janczak - Methods and methodologies of landscape research - introduction by Josep Vila Subiros

How to read the articles?

You need to focus to questions like

  • What is the point of the article? What are the research questions?
  • What is the viewpoint of the article?
  • How the author defines/uses/utilizes the concept of landscape?
  • What materials and methods the author has used?
  • What are the main results of the research? What are the main theses by the author?
  • What did you learn?

Articles which will be discussed in "reading groups" -sessions:

  1. Marc Antrop (2006): From holistic landscape synthesis to transdisciplinary landscape management. In: Tress, B.; Tres, G.; Fry, G.; Opdam, P. (Eds.): From Landscape Research to Landscape Planning: Aspects of Integration, Education and Application, 27-50.
  2. Ulrich Walz (2011): Landscape Structure, Landscape Metrics and Biodiversity. Living Rev. Landscape Res. 5:3, online article.
  3. Claudio Minca (2007): Humboldt’s compromise, or the forgotten geographies of landscape. Progress in Human Geography 31:2, 179-193. Minca 2007
  4. Edda R.H. Waage (2012): Landscape in the sagas of Icelanders: The concepts of land and landsleg. Norsk Geografisk Tidsskrift - Norwegian Journal of Geography, 66:4, 177-192. Waage 2013
  5. David Newman (2003): On Borders and Power: A Theoretical Framework. Journal of Borderlands Studies,18:1, 13-25. Newman 2003
  6. Jaroslaw Janczak (2007). Europeanization of Trans-border Communities. The Polish-German Case.  In Jaroslaw Janczak (ed.) Rediscovering Europe: Political Changes in the 21st century EU, 77-88. Institute of Political Science and Journalism. AMU, Poznan. Jañczak_Rediscovering


Further readings

Andrew D. Asher & Jaroslaw Janczak (2007). Transnational Mythmaking in Post-Soviet Europe: Cold War and EU Monuments in a Polish-German "Divided City". In Levandauskas Vytautas (ed.) Art and Politics: Case-Studies from Eastern Europe, ?. Meno istorija ir kritika, Art History & Criticism 3. Vytauto Didziojo Universiteto Leidykla, Kaunas. Asher&Janczak

Besier, Gerhard (2012). German-Polish neighbourhood relations on the shared border: an ambiguous story. In Katajala, Kimmo & Maria Lähteenmäki (eds.) Imagined, Negotiated, Remembered: Constructing European Borders and Borderlands, 197-214. Mittel- und Ostmitteleuropastudien, Band 11. LIT. Gerhard Besier

Dallen J. Timothy (1995) Political boundaries and tourism

Hämynen, Tapio and Aleksander Paskov (eds.) (2012). Nation Split by the Border - Changes in the ethnic identity, religion and language of the Karelians from 1809 to 2009. UPEF.

Jaroslaw Janczak (2011). Cross-Border Governance in Central European Border Twin Towns. Between De-Bordering and Re-Bordering. In Jaroslaw Janczak: De-Bordering, Re-Bordering and Symbols on the European Boundaries, 37-52. Jañczak_Re-bordering

Newman David (2006) The lines that continue to separate us: borders in our 'borderless' world 

Newman, D. and A. Paasi (1998). Fences and neighbours in the postmodern world. Progress in Human Geography 22:2, 186-207.

Palang, Hannes and Gary Fry (eds.) (2003). Landscape Interfaces - Cultural Heritage in Changing Landscapes. Landscape series 1. Kluwer Academic Publishers.

Roca, Zoran, Paul Claval and John Agnew (2011). Landscapes, Identities and Development. Ashgate.

Stokłosa Katarzyna (2012). Neighborhood Relations on the Polish Borders: The Example of the Polish–German, Polish–Ukrainian and Polish–Russian Border Regions, Journal of Borderlands Studies, 27:3, 245-255.

Wiering, Mark and Joris Verwijmere (2012): Limits and Borders: Stages of Transboundary Water Management. Journal of Borderlands Studies 27:3, 257-272.

Wilson, Thomas M and Hastings Donnan (2012). A companion to border studies. Wiley-Blackwell.



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