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Luo projekti noudattamalla näitä ohjeita. Joten voimme lähettää sen UEF blogiin ja jakaa ideasi! |

Please, follow these instructions to create your project. So we can upload it on UEF blog and share your ideas!

Tavoitteet | Goals

  • Share your ideas
  • Simplify your materials for broader application
  • Provide different resources and experiences of teaching about sexual education

Tausta | Background 

Primary schools still lack good and varied teaching experiences about Sexual Education. Many teachers don't feel prepared to work on this topic in their lessons.

This project aims to encourage student teachers to craft teaching materials about sexual education that can support primary school teachers to work about this topic with pupils. 

Oletukset | Assumptions

  • Primary school teachers prefer materials in Finnish
  • Teachers don't have time to read long texts
  • Concrete activities with pupils are preferred by primary teachers


1Short, clear and descriptive titleTeachers will be attracted by your project titleHigh
  • Teachers won't look for long and confusing titles.
2Creative titleTeachers want to work with innovative ways to talk about sexual educationMedium 
3Organized textsTeachers don't have time to read long descriptions. Organize your text into sections and summarize itHigh 
4Pictures and videosTeachers (and who not?) appreciate pictures and videos that represent your ideasMedium 
5Concrete activities with pupilsPrimary teachers need to work on concrete levels of activities to promote efficient learning for childrenHigh 


Below is a list of questions to be addressed as a result of this requirements document:

QuestionSome answers in the links
How to make good titles for your project?
Why organized texts with pictures and videos?