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Joensuu? Where on Earth is it?

See Finland and Joensuu on the map

Find Joensuu and Finland with Google Earth

Visit the website of the city of Joensuu

See 360 panoramas of Joensuu

How do I get to Joensuu?

See Getting there -website of the city of Joensuu

From Helsinki you can get to Joensuu by an airplane. The flight takes about an hour.

Some airlines:

  • Helsinki can be easiest reached by an airplane. However, if you come to Helsinki from Sweden or Estonia, you may even like to take a boat/ferry.
    More information Tallink Silja Line's website.

By train your journey from Helsinki to Joensuu takes about five hours.

  •  For time tables and tickets prices see VR website

There is also a bus connection from Helsinki to Joensuu. This is perhaps not the most comfortable way to travel such a long distance, but if you have an early morning flight to catch on your way back, it might come out handy. Link to the timetables and fares at Matkahuolto's website.

Also other major cities like Tampere and Turku have good train and bus connections to Joensuu. If you fly with Ryanair you might like to come via Tampere and continue from there by train. Ryanair also has flights to Lappeenranta, which lies closer to Joensuu than Helsinki but is on the same train route.

How do I get to the University Campus or to my accommodation once I have reached Joensuu?

  • From the airport - by the airport bus or by  taxi (more information here)
  • From the railway station - by  taxi (if necessary). Most likely some taxies will be waiting just outside the Railway Station, but if not, you can order one by calling 0600 90100
  • The closest hotel to the railway station is just across the street. You can just walk there.
  • If you like to take a walk from the Railway Station to the University Campus Area, it is not that far either. Take first a look at this map:

The blue pins on the map mark the Joensuu airport, the Joensuu railway station and bus station. The light pink area is the University campus and the red pins are different university buildings.


The bus station and the railway station are on the right hand side of the river. First, walk across the bridge. Then follow the street called Siltakatu until it takes a slight turn to the right. The University is right there on your left! The first University building you see is called Aurora. Our meetings will be held in a building called Agora, in the center of the campus area (see the dark red pin on the map).

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