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_RUral economy Johnsson 2001.pdf_PHG

_Halfacree, K. changing rurality.pdf


_Halfacree_radical rural.pdf


Ageing in the bush The role of rural places in maintaining identity for long term rural residents and retirement migrants in north-east Victoria, Australian.pdf

Estonian territorial development_2013.pdf

Fennia 2014 Second home mobility in Finland.pdf

Halfacree_British counter-cultural back-to-the-land.pdf

Isserman_comp advant of areas.pdf

Johnsson_USA Rural economy futures.pdf

JoN 3_2007_Second homes.pdf

JRS 2010 Second home countryside. Representation of the rural in Finnish popular discourses.pdf


Lipkina & Hall 2013 Russian second home owners in Eastern Finland.pdf

Lipkina 2014 Motives for Russian second home ownership.pdf

Markusen_An Arts-Based State Rural Development Policy.pdf

Nordregio_Perspectives on rural development Nordic.pdf

NORDREGIO_Towards Rural Cohesion Policy.pdf

Pitkänen 2011 Contested cottage landscapes.pdf

Post-productivism and rural land use.pdf

Power in the production of spaces transformed by rural tourism.pdf

Raagmaa et al_2012_Routlegde_Leadership & Institutional Change.pdf

Raagmaa et al_2012_Springer_Chapter 11_Empowering people and enterprises in Setomaa.pdf


Rural empowerment through the arts.pdf

Rural realities in the post-socialist space.pdf


Second home owners, locals and their perspectives on rural development.pdf

SJHT 2008 Foreseeing the future of second home tourism.pdf

SR2013_Leisure activities and rural community change.pdf



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