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Before applying

  1. How to apply for doctoral studies at UEF? - General information to doctoral student applicants
  2. Instructions for writing a research proposal

During the studies

  1. Doctoral studies in UEF - general information about doctoral training in UEF
  2. Ethical guidelines for teaching and studying - Research ethics at UEF
  3. Responsible researcher - website including information about research integrity, research ethics and science communication in Finland
  4. Supportive materials and resources for doctoral students

End part of the studies

  1. UEF defense duties and guideline checklist - online checklist at Workflowy for those who students who are finalising their doctoral studies
  2. Guidelines for doctoral candidates at the end of the studies - Instructions for all doctoral candidates at UEF
  3. Publishing instructions at UEF - Process and instructions for publishing the dissertation
  4. Some advices to doctoral candidates at School of Computing, UEF - Wiki including practical tips for doctoral candidates
  5. Example of defense questions in the public examination of the dissertation (PDF)
  6. General defense questions
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