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In this page, we have collected links to scientific journals which are potentially relevant to the the students and researchers in the edTech research group at the School of Computing, UEF.

Please inform Jarkko Suhonen (jarkko.suhonen@[REMOVE_SPAM]], if you think that the list needs updating.


For students and staff of UEF. Most of the journals listed in the page are available to UEF students and staff. Inside the UEF network, you should have direct access via the journal website or database. Outside of UEF network, you should be able to gain access to the journals via UEF Finna.

We have divided the journals into seven categories.

  • design and design research
  • educational technology
  • online, open and distance learning
  • computing education & technology education
  • ICT for development
  • misc

For each of the categories, the journals are sub-categorized according to the Finnish Publication forum classification (JUFO). The JUFO classification has three levels: 1 = basic; 2 = leading; 3 = top. For those journals that are included in the InCites Journal Citation Report, the Journal Impact Factor (IF) is mentioned. The label Open Access indicates that the articles published in the journal are openly available.

Latest updates and changes

  • The JUFO rankings and links updated, other category removed: January 2019
  • New journals added to the list, some of the open access journals indicated with the Open Access label: October 2018; January 2019
  • Impact Factor numbers updated: October 2019
  • Open Access labels added: October 2019

Design and Design Research (DDR)

JUFO Level 3 - DDR

JUFO Level 2 - DDR

JUFO Level 1 - DDR

Educational Technology (edTech)

JUFO Level 3 - edTech

JUFO Level 2 - edTech

JUFO Level 1 - edTech

Online, Open and Distance Learning (OODL)

JUFO Level 1 - OODL

Computing & Technology Education (CTE)

JUFO Level 2 - CTE

JUFO Level 1 - CTE

ICT for Development (ICT4D)

JUFO Level 2 - ICT4D

JUFO Level 1 - ICT4D


JUFO Level 3 - Misc

JUFO Level 2 - Misc

JUFO Level 1 - Misc

  1. edTech journals site - listing of journals related to educational technology, instructional design, and distance learning
  2. Distance Education journals and magazines - list of journals and magazines that mainly focus on distance education and open learning
  3. The Journals in the field of Instructional Technology - basic information about journals related to instructional technology