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The overall objective of the project is to strengthen and further support the sustainable development of capacity at the University of Eldoret (UoE), so that UoE can better perform the education, research and extension mandates in the area of sustainable natural resource management therefore contributing to the improvement of livelihoods and to reverse the environmental degradation in Kenya. The interventions will strengthen the human and institutional capacity of the natural resource management education at UoE, addressing the emerging needs in management of forests and trees outside forests, environmental issues, and rural development, especially sustainable management of dryland forest ecosystems.

The enhancing of the quality in education and academic knowledge in this context has a clear focus on sustainable development. After the steps of development UoE will have an opportunity to act as an internationally appreciated actor, especially in the field of sustainable management of dryland community forests. The sustainable management of natural resources in Kenya requires the development of capacity (including modern teaching and learning methods and technologies) which in turns requires curriculum reforms. Thus, new or revised courses on important fields like forest and climate change, bioenergy, resource management and monitoring, and community forestry are essential. The project activities will also link the UoE to the national and international institutions and partnerships working in forestry education (e.g. IPFE, ANAFE).

Therefore the current project supports the potential role of UoE as one of the leading centers for education and networking in natural resource management in Eastern Africa. 

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