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Welcome to the homepage of the initiative Enhancing Forestry Education in Kenya! This initiative consists of two currently running projects and two past projects, and are funded by the HEI-ICI and the NSS funding instruments of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. 

Current projects:

Past projects: 


The primary partners of all four projects are:

University of Eastern Finland

  • School of Forest Sciences

  • School of Computing




University of Eldoret

  • Department of Forestry and Wood Science



The initiative is also supported by the following partners:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland

Arbonaut Ltd.


Latest project news:

New publication: Munezero M., Irura M., Kirongo B., Etiegni L., and Suhonen J. Challenges and solutions to providing online courses in Kenya: A Lecture's perspective at a Kenyan university, The Online Journal of Distance Education and e-Learning, 4(1):1-14, 2016


Provisionally accepted Journal paper: Munezero M., Importance of problem- and participatory-based projects for students at higher education institutions: Experiences from Kenyan-Finnish projects, International Journal of Education and Development using ICT, 2015

The Project End Seminar, held in Eldoret as part of the Strengthening Forestry Education in Kenya project turned out to be a success, thanks to the presenters and organizers. Find out more about it here.

New version of mTi Calc now available: The mobile Android application, mTi Calc, has been updated to now include new functionality and minimize data entry errors. The new version is available for download from Google Play. You can read more about the app and the development process here


Past Publications:

Arevalo, J., Pitkänen, S. & Kirongo, B. 2014. Developing forestry curricula: experiences from a Kenyan-Finnish project. International Forestry Review, 16 (1) 78-86(9). Available here

Duveskog, M., Laine, T.H., Arevalo, J., Räisänen, V., Kirongo, B. & Orina, A. EntVenture- From binary trees to Kenyan forests: an Android game designed by students. IST-Africa 2013 Conference Proceedings, Paul Cunningham and Miriam Cunningham (Eds), IIMC International Information Management Corporation, 2013, ISBN: 978-1-905824-38-0. Available here

Project products:

EntVenture and Eucalyps game

The schools of Forest Science and Computing at UEF together with the University of Eldoret in Kenya have launched two games running on Android-supported mobile phones and tablets. The first game called “EntVenture” which can be downloaded for free at the Android market (click here), is one of the outputs of the 2011-2012 joint project on improving forestry education (click here to see a video about the game). The second game called "Eucalyps" expands on the work of Entventure and introduces two new mini games. Eucalyps, which is one of the outputs of the 2013 - 2015 joint project, can also be downloaded for free at the Android market (click here). 

Learning Management System

The newly developed learning management system at University of Eldoret is available:

Revised BSc Forestry curriculum

To learn more about the newly revised BSc Forestry curriculum at University of Eldoret, you can access (or ask from us) the recent publication "Developing forestry curricula: experiences from a Kenyan-Finnish project" Available here

Project presentations (selected)

"Universities' role in development: experiences from the Finnish-Kenyan cooperation  in natural resource management education" Knowing Development- Developing Knowledge? Conference in Helsinki 14.11.2013

"EntVenture - From binary trees to Kenyan forests: an Android game designed by students" IST-Africa Conference, Nairobi, May 2013

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