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  • Supporting Kenyan Forestry Education through North-South Mobility
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The objective of the project is to strengthen the educational capacity and societal role of UOE within the area of sustainable natural resource management by enhancing:(a) the competencies and international exposure of students undertaking UOE’s forestry curricula;(b) the quality and breadth of courses as well as the teachers’ competencies and international exposure;(c) the knowledge on natural resource and forest management in connection to climate change and community related issues, and(d) the dissemination capacity.

For achieving this purpose, the project will develop a series of activities within the following four result areas (R):

  • R1: Competencies and international exposure of students are improved

                    Activity => Exchange of students between UOE-UEF

  • R2: Quality and breadth of courses as well as the teachers’ competencies and international exposure are improved

                    Activity => Exchange of teachers between UOE-UEF

  • R3: New knowledge in the area of forest and natural resource management related to climate related is jointly developed

                    Activity => Joint Intensive Course on Forestry & Climate Change

  • R4: Networking and dissemination capacity of UOE is improved

                    Activities => Dissemination of new knowledge related to the IC

Student exchange

A total of 8 students will spend a full semester (4 months/each) in the respective host university, this is 2 students from each university in the spring 2015 and 2 other students from each university during the autumn 2015 (no student exchange will take place in autumn 2014, with efforts concentrated in that semester in preparing and running the Intensive Course).

Teacher exchange

Seven teachers will participate in the mobility: 5 teachers will spend a period of 2 weeks each in the respective host university (3 from UOE and 2 from UEF), with 2 UEF teachers spending a period of 1 week each at UOE. The teacher exchange in both directions will be distributed across the semesters of the project: 1 UEF and 1 UOE teacher in each direction during autumn 2014, the same numbers in spring 2015, and 2 UEF teachers and 1 from UOE in the last semester.

The Intensive Course

Jointly co-organised by the Department of Forestry & Wood Science, University of Eldoret (Kenya) and the Schools of Computing and Forest Science, University of Eastern Finland, the intensive course, entitled “Forest Management in a Changing Climate: Application of Holistic Grass-Root Climate Services” will be credited as follows: 2 credit units in Kenya and 3 ECTS in Finland. It will have duration of 2 weeks and run in February 2015. Upon successful completion of the course, the students are able to understand, design and implement holistic grass-root climate services for community-level forest management.

Project Brochure Available

Download the project brochure

Latest Project News:

The Intensive Course, held in Kenya for two weeks turned out to be a success, thanks to the instructors and organizers. See the pictures from the course here.

More detailed information about the results and experiences from the course coming soon!

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