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You can upload video by using Create menu link called Upload Video.

You can drag video(s) you want to upload from your own computer.

If you are member of UEF staff you can choose before uploading how do you want your video to be seen. Options include "Personal and Embedded" and "UEF Content". "UEF Content" means the video is visible to all users who are logged in to service.

Students can upload only by using publishing policy "Personal and Embedded". Students can share these videos by link or by embedding them to another systems like Office 365 or Moodle.

By default video filename becomes the title of the video. You have to add a description for the video as well.

Personal and Embedded content (very near to password protection using traditional systems): 

  • Recording is visible only to you, not for other users.
  • Search function cannot find the recording and it's not listed in channel listings inside the service.
  • You can share the recording by using Share by embedding or Share by web link -functions.

UEF Content

  • The recording is visible for you and for all UEF users.
  • Media search can find the recording by using basic and metadata. Recording is listed to those channels it is added to.
  • If you want to share the recording for other users you can use embed or web link sharing options in a similar way as with Personal and embedded content.

After choosing the options select "Start Upload". You videos will upload to media server and system runs necessary conversions to play the recordings. After that you can share the recordings as you wish.


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