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Jakokoski Cassegrain 500mm F8.lenJakokoski Cassegrain 500mm F8.lenJakokoski Observatory

The observatory is located 15 km away from the town of Joensuu, Finland at 29o59'49"E and +62o43'39"N, 155 m above the sea level. Our Minor Planet Center observatory code is A83.

The post address is Tähtitornintie 5, 81220 Jakokoski.

The telescope is a 20" F:8 Cassegrain type reflector with effective focal length of 4240 mm. Telescope is owned by the University of Joensuu.

On January 2003 our Association finally received an astronomical CCD camera. The camera is ST1001E manufactured by Santa Barbara Instrument Group having 1024 x 1024 pixels of 24 um x 24 um. The field of view is 20' x 20' and the pixel resolution 1.2". Standard Photometric BVRI filters enable us photometric measurements of cataclysmic variables, GRB afterglows, minor planets, blazaars, etc.

Weather in Kuhasalo, Joensuu

Jakokoski Observatory on a snowy winter afternoon.

50 cm Cassegrain type telescope.



Telescope graphical user interface software source code:

Requires: Matlab, compiled nanomex.dll, connectivity to the observatory NanoB controller


Telescope optics file Jakokoski Cassegrain 500mm F8.len for OSLO optical design software from Lambda Research, see

The file is created using dimensions provided in the telescope original manual. The mirror shapes are found by supposing common Cassegrain configuration.


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