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University of Eastern Finland in social media

Social media refers to rapid and open interaction that takes place online between individuals and communities. In addition to search engines, social media services are among the world's most popular online services.

At the University of Eastern Finland, social media constitutes one channel for the university's communication and marketing, and we use social media channels to spread awareness of the university's activities and events, and to promote a positive image of the university.

The social media channels we are active in include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn, and we also have a WordPress blog platform that we use for publishing the blogs of the university's leadership, among other things. Furthermore, the Wiki service supported by the university and the messaging boards and commenting features available on our intranet also constitute part of social media.

At the University of Eastern Finland, the use of social media is guided by the university's strategy and communication policy. The general objective of communication is to keep the university’s internal and external stakeholders aware of the mission, goals, activities, performance and significance of the university. Through communication, we seek to enhance community spirit and to support the university’s activities aimed at stakeholders and alumni. We support the university's marketing efforts which seek to promote an image of the university as an attractive place to study and work in, and as a reliable partner.

In all these communication activities and objectives, social media plays a key role. Moreover, the special characteristics of social media, including its transparency, real-time nature, user orientation, interactivity and communality, bring added value.

However, the use of social media also entails issues related to information security, privacy protection and copyrights, which are worth getting acquainted with in order to avoid any harm.

This document is a recommendation on how to use social media in various activities of the university - in research, teaching, studying, communication and marketing. This recommendation is intended for all members of the university who use social media services.

Get to know Social media instructions in Heimo (log in required).



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