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This wiki is aimed especially for those doctoral students who are at the final stretch of their work. The idea is to collect in one place most of the information needed in the final few months.

Those of you who are not familiar with wikis should know this: nobody in particular is responsible for updating or maintaining this wiki. How good and how up-to-date this wiki is, depends on voluntary participation of everyone using this wiki! That means:


If you spot an error here, correct it. If there's something missing, add it. If something is totally wrong, inappropriate, or irrelevant, delete it. Wikis are much easier to edit than HTML pages are!!!


The original author of this text was Matti Tedre. In time, these guidelines have not been updated frequently, and the university graduate school has been created.

The following pages include up-to-date instructions regarding the dissertation and graduation.

  1. Dissertations and graduation info at the SCITECO doctoral programme;
  2.  UEF general guidelines for doctoral candidates;

Also, a former doctoral student Myriam Munezero has created an online UEF defense duties and guideline checklist, which summarise the main duties and tasks related to dissertation defense and other issues relevant in the end of the studies. The list can be accessed at:

So remember: there's no "webmaster" or "moderator" for this wiki but everybody who finds this wiki useful, can and should contribute to refining and maintaining this wiki. If you want to contribute, please contact Erkki Pesonen (erkki.t.pesonen(at) in order to make sure that you have rights to edit this page.

Contents of the wiki

General instructions

Finishing Your Dissertation

External Examination and Permission to Defend the Disseration


Dissertation Defense

The Banquet - Karonkka

Getting the Diploma and After PhD


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