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Aino-Maija Turunen, Junior researcher







Contact information:

School of Theology
  Philosophical Faculty
  University of Eastern Finland
  PB 111, 
  FI-80101 Joensuu, Finland

• email: ainomaijaturunen (at)


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Personal information

  • Born: 1985
  • In a relationship
  • Hobbies: sports, movies

Research interests and projects

  • Social Parish  service
  • History of health care
  • Project: "Church as a developer of Finnish health care. Social parish service and health care in diocese of Savonlinna 1897-1925."
    "Kirkko terveydenhuollon kehittäjänä. Seurakuntadiakonia ja terveydenhuolto Savonlinnan hiippakunnassa vuosina 1897-1925."


Master's Thesis: "Parish of Heinävesi in the years of famine in 1865-1869" (2011)

Heinää ja vettä? Heinäveden seurakunta nälkävuosina 1865-1869


Education and degrees

  • Matriculation Examination, 2004
  • Master of Theology, University of Eastern Finland, 2011
    • Church History

Academic Career and other professional appointments

University of Eastern Finland

  • University Teacher, Church History, 2014

Grant Researcher

  • Grant awarded by University of Eastern Finland, Philosophical Faculty, 3 months, 2012
  • Grant awarded by Paavali Juusten foundation, 1 month, 2012
  • Grant awarded by Finnish Concordia, 4 months, 2013
  • Grant awarded by Reino Ylönen memorial foundation, 3 months, 2013
  • Grant awarded by Karjalaisen Kulttuurin Edistämissäätiö, 6 months, 2014



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