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Call for papers December 8.-10. 2021


Understandings of Diakonia

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Internet seminars "What Did Deacons Do", 2021

We organize three seminary meetings in May, 10th to 12th May 2021. Take a look to this page: May 2021.

If needed, please ask for more information and how to get access:

Internet seminars "What Did Deacons Do", 2021

Due to the CoViD-19, we can not have a big conference this year, but we are planning to have at least two online seminars, on 24th - 26th February (European late Afternoon times) and May (European Morning times). Program for February meeting is here. If needed, please ask for more information and how to get access:

Five seminars "What Did Deacons Do", May 11th-15th 2020

Due to the CoViD-19, we can not have a conference this year, but we have the Keynote Speakers and two other as an online seminar on May 11th-15th, 2020, every day at 10 AM Finnish time. Please ask for more information and how to get access:


Information, status Mars 19th 2020

We can not organize this conference in May 2020.

Due to COVID-19, ‘What did deacons do? 2020’ is becoming ‘What did deacons do? 2021.’ We aim to hold the conference in May 2021. More details will be available later in the year, on this page.

We are working on many items. Please pick up what you are looking for:

  • The Program. Always the latest version is in this page.When you are registered, you get a more comprehensive program here.
  • Registration. Information needed for registration and the link for the registration is here. Also, information about the planned trip to the Monastery of Valamo is there.The earlier information of the congress is on two pages: The first call is here, and the second call is here.
    • By registration, you will get access to the congress abstracts.
  • Information on Joensuu, on hotels and on traveling etc is here.
  • Information for the writers is here.


Any questions? Write to

 Referred literature is here


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School of Theology, in contact with:

Finnish Association for Research on Diaconia


Societas Patristica Fennica


Internationales Diakonatszentrum

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