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Scientific peer-review publications
  • Halder, P., Arevalo J., Mola-Yudego, B. & Gritten, D. 2015. Stakeholders’ perceptions of bioenergy- Global coverage and policy implications. Energy Security and Development. Springer India, 377-391. Available here
  • Arevalo, J. Ochieng, R., Mola-Yudego, B. & Gritten, D. 2014. Understanding bioenergy conflicts: case of a jatropha project in Kenya's Tana Delta. Land Use Policy, 41, 138-148. DOI:10.1016/j.landusepol.2014.05.002 Available here

  • Arevalo, J., Halder, P., Kortelainen, J. & Mola-Yudego, B. 2014. Bioenergy: from local conflicts to global governance. OGEL Journal, 12 (4)  Available here

  • Arevalo, J., Pitkänen, S. & Kirongo, B. 2014. Developing forestry curricula: experiences from a Kenyan-Finnish project. International Forestry Review, 16 (1) 78-86(9) Available here
  • Halder, P., Arevalo, J., Tahvanainen, L., & Pelkonen, P. 2014. Challenges and opportunities associated with the development of forest-based bioenergy sector in India: Results from an expert survey. Challenges (1), 100-111 Available here

  • Arevalo, J., Mola-Yudego, B., Pelkonen, P., & Qu, M. 2012. Students’ views on forestry education: a cross-national comparison across three universities in Brazil, China and Finland. Forest Policy and Economics 25, 123-131 Available here
  • Qu, M., Pelkonen, P., Tahvanainen, L, Arevalo, J, & Gritten, D. 2012. Experts' assessment on the development of wood framed houses in China. Journal of Cleaner Production, 31, 100-105 Available here
  • Arevalo, J., Pitkänen, S., Tahvanainen, L. & Enkenberg, J. 2011. Motivation of Foreign Students Seeking a Multi-institutional Forestry Master’s degree in Europe. Journal of Forestry 109 (2) 69-73 (5) Available here
  • Arevalo, J., Pitkänen, S., Gritten, D. & Tahvanainen, L. 2010. Market-relevant competencies for professional foresters in European graduate education. International Forestry Review 12 (3) 200-208 Available here
  • Arevalo, J., Jarschel, B. Pitkänen, S., Tahvanainen, L. & Enkenberg, J. 2010. Differences in forestry students’ perceptions across study years. Journal of Natural Resources and Life Science Education 39, 94-101 Available here
Forthcoming publications
  • Arevalo, J., et al. Opportunities for sustainable woodfuel management in Burkina Faso: the experts' views (submitted manuscript)
  • Arevalo, J., Pitkänen, S. & Ototo, G. (2015). Strengthening forestry education in Kenya. In -Higher Education Institutions: Partnering for Development and Change. Reflections of the First Round of the Finnish HEI ICI Programme. Eds E. Pekkola & A. Moore. Centre for International Mobility & University of Tampere.

  • Halder P., Arevalo J., Mola-Yudego B., Puentes Y. & Gritten D. Conflict in the forest: reasons, patterns and future directions (Societies in Conflict. Experts, Publics, Democracy)
Other publications
  • Duveskog, M., Laine, T.H., Arevalo, J., Räisänen, V., Kirongo, B. & Orina, A. 2013. EntVenture- From binary trees to Kenyan forests: an Android game designed by students. IST-Africa 2013 Conference Proceedings, Paul Cunningham and Miriam Cunningham (Eds), IIMC International Information Management Corporation, 2013, ISBN: 978-1-905824-38-0 Available here
  • Halder, P., Arevalo, J., Puentes, Y. & Mola-Yudego, B. Improving forest conflict management and governance tools, based on a global to local understanding of its core issues. Working paper, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Finland. Forthcoming. Draft available here
  • Arevalo, J., Gritten, D., Mola-Yudego, B., Pelkonen, P, and Enkenberg, J. 2013. Global forestry challenges in local context: experiences from a problem-based module. Proceedings of the SILVA Network Conference at the Faculty of Forestry, University of Zagreb, Croatia, 17-19 June 2010. SILVA Publications, 8. Freiburg
  • Arevalo, J. and Tahvanainen, L. 2011. Forestry expertise beyond borders: reflections of the Indo-Finnish cooperation in forestry capacity building. Publications of the International University HUB, University of Eastern Finland, 45 p. Available at:
  • Arevalo, J. and Pitkänen, S. 2013. Exploring the possible gap between higher forestry education and labour market in Europe. Proceedings of the SILVA Network Conference at the Faculty of Forestry and Natural Environment, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, 3-8 November 2009. SILVA Publications, 7. Freiburg
  • Attracting future foresters through a mobile game: experiences from a Kenyan-Finnish project. [Abstract] International Symposium on Forestry Education, Joensuu, Finland, 9-12.10.2012. Available here.
  • Global challenges in local context: Experiences from a MSc forestry module. [Abstract] International Symposium on Forestry Education, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 17-21.5.2010.
  • The role of youth in maintaining nature reserves: a task for environmental ethics? Proceedings of  the UNESCO Conference on Education for Sustainable Development in Support of Cultural Rapprochement and Biodiversity. Muscat, Oman, 24-26 January, 2011
  • Experiences of MSc European Forestry Erasmus Mundus participants in the labour market, Proceedings of the Silva Network Conference on Graduate Analyses for Forest Sciences and Related Curricula, 15-17 May 2008, Copenhagen
  • Arevalo, J., Gritten, D, Mola-Yudego, B. 2008. A pioneer in the internationalization of forestry education. Silva Carelica 54: 152-153. In: Saastamoinen O. and Tahvanainen L. 2008. Towards global education in forest sciences. Silva Carelica, 54. University of Joensuu, Faculty of Forest Sciences. ISSN: 0780-8232.
  • Role of Forest Policy In Fighting Climate Change – Forest Policy Work Group Report. Joensuu Forestry Networking Week 2009. Working Papers of the Finnish Forest Research Institute 135. Available at
  • Arevalo, J. Combining Forest Fire Prevention and Forest Fuel Production in Andalusia (Southern Spain). Proceedings of the NSR Conference on Forest Operations 2004. Silva Carelica, 45. Eds. Jori Uusitalo, Tuomo Nurminen and Heikki Ovaskainen.
  • The Erasmus Mundus programme and its impact on the internationalization of higher forestry education in Finland [Abstract], Tropical Forestry Report 36, Ed. O. Luukkanen, Univ. Helsinki

Reports, news articles and posters

  • New Funding Possibilities from Erasmus Mundus. European Forest Institute News 1 (15) 1/2007.
  • The EU enlargement in 2004: analysis of the forestry situation and perspectives in relation to the present EU and Sweden. Rapport Nr 10/ 2003. National Board of Forestry (Skogsstyrelsen). Jönköping (Sweden).
  • Quality Assurance Self Assessment Report of the International Master’s degree programme in European Forestry, January 2008.
  • Understanding bioenergy conflicts:case of jatropha at Kenya’s Tana Delta. Arevalo, J., Ochieng, R., Mola-Yudego, B. & Gritten, D. Poster presented at the IUFRO Latin America Conference, 12-15 Junio 2013, San José, Costa Rica. Available here


  • (Doctoral) Arevalo, J. (2011). International perceptions of university forestry education – an analysis of student motivation, competencies, and curricula. Dissertationes Forestales 128. University of Eastern Finland. Available at:
  • (MSc European Forestry) 2003-2004 Combining Forest Fire Prevention and Forest Fuel Production in Andalusia (Southern Spain). University of Joensuu (Finland).
  • (MSc Forestry-Spain; Ingenieria de Montes) 2002-2003 Effects of Copper on the Growth of Pinus Sylvestris L. & Picea Abies (L.) Kars. in Finland, Universities of Madrid (Spain) and Joensuu (Finland).
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