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Short info

Welcome to my personal space in the UEF Wiki. At the moment I am taking a leave of absence from my work at the School of Forest Sciences, Faculty of Science and Forestry, University of Eastern Finland, having taken a position as a Senior Research Advisor (starting on 1.10.2014) at the University of Helsinki. The info in this page concerns my work related to UEF

My main interests are the areas of:

  • Bioenergy (socio-economic aspects, issues of acceptance and perceptions, and the bioenergy-related conflicts)
  • Forestry and nature resource management education (competencies, curriculum, pedagogics, ICT)

My latest projects are:

  • Developing Bioenergy Governance (project funded under the call for innovative research projects of the University of Eastern Finland)
  • Contested Bioenergy Governance (project funded by the Academy of Finland)
  • BIODEV: Building Biocarbon and Rural Development in West Africa (project coordinated by the World Agroforestry Center)

  • Strengthening Forestry Education in Kenya (HEI.ICI project funded by the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs)
  • Supporting Kenyan Forestry Education through North-South Mobility (NSS project funded by the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs)
  • Improving Forestry Education in Venezuela (HEI.ICI project funded by the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs)
  • Support for Vocational Training in Sustainable Forestry (Tempus project coordinated by the University of Lleida)


I have the degree of Doctor of Science (Agr. & Forestry) from the University of Eastern Finland, as well as a MSc (Agr. & Forestry) from the University of Joensuu and another MSc level degree in forestry (Ingeniero de Montes) from the Polythecnical University of Madrid.You can read more information about my background and experience here.


I have participated in the teaching of various courses and modules. Find here a list of my teaching activities.


I have published some articles (peer and non-peer review), abstracts and acted as editor in a book. Find here a list of my academic publications

More about my professional interests and activities

In addition to my interest in bioenergy and forestry education, I am also interested in intercultural communication, and I have conducted some intercultural workshops as well as some basic research on this. I am also a founding member of EduSilva, an organization that develops forestry and environmental education.

I have been involved in few other activities such as:

  • The Indian Forest Service-Mid Career Training (a capacity building project funded by the Governent of India)
  • The development of bioenergy curricula in Northwest Agriculture & Forestry University in Yangling, Shaanxi Province, China
  • A worldwide assessment of forest conflicts in cooperation with the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • The activities of the IUFRO working group on forestry education
  • The assessment of required competencies for forestry graduates in Europe, within the work of the Education Group of the Forest Technology Platform (FTP)
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