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Personal information

Jarkko Tapani Suhonen, b. 19.9.1975, Valtimo, Finland.

Education/Academic titles

- Master of Science, Computer Science, University of Joensuu, 2000
- Doctor of Philosophy, Computer Science, University of Joensuu, 2005
- Docent, School of Computing, University of Eastern Finland, 2016

Academic work experience

Main working positions

- 2000-2001, Research Amanuensis, University of Joensuu
- 2001-2002, Assistant, University of Joensuu
- 2002-2005, Doctoral Student, ECSE Graduate School, University of Joensuu
- 2003-2004, Graduate Assistant, Massey University, New Zealand
- 2005, Senior Lecturer, University of Joensuu
- 2005-2006, Professor, University of Joensuu
- 2006-2007, Director of Research, University of Joensuu
- 2008-2012, Senior Assistant, University of Joensuu/University of Eastern Finland,
- 2012 - current, Senior Researcher, University of Eastern Finland.

Supervised doctoral disserations

  1. Joseph Kizito Bada, Integrating digital learning objects for HIV/AIDS prevention: a contextualised approach, February 2013.

Research experience

List of main peer-reviewed academic publications:

  • Suhonen, J., & Sutinen, E. (2014). The four pillar model - Analysing the sustainability of online doctoral programmes. TechTrends, 58(4), 81-88.
  • Paliktzoglou, V., & Suhonen, J. (2014). Facebook as an assisted learning tool in problem-based learning: The Bahrain case. International Journal of Social Media and Interactive Learning Environments, 2(1), 85-100.
  • Roy, A., Kihoza, P.D., Suhonen, J., Vesisenaho, M., & Tukiainen, M. (2014). Promotibng proper education for sustainability: An exploratory study of ICT enhanced Problem-Based Learning in a developing country. International Journal of Education and Development using Information and Communication Technology, 10(1), 70-90.
  • Roy, A., Suhonen, J., & Vesisenaho, M. (2013). Children as agents for social change: A technology-supported pedagogical framework. In Proceedings of the 10th International JTEFS/BBCC Conference, Sustainable Development, Culture, Education, Reorientation of Teacher Education towards Sustainability through Theory and Practice (pp. 157-171). University of Eastern Finland.
  • Suhonen, J., deVilliers, M.R., & Sutinen, E. (2012)  FODEM: a multi-threaded research and development method for educational technology. Educational Technology Research and Development, 60, 2, 287-305.
  • Bada, J., & Suhonen, J. (2011). Survey on ICT for HIV/AIDS preventive education: Are the teenagers forgotten in developing countries. Journal of Emerging Trend in Computing and Information Sciences, 6(2), 297-308.
  • Bada, J., & Suhonen, J. (2011). NetAIDS: Digital learning environment for HIV/AIDS education in Ugandan schools. Journal of Health Informatics in Developing Countries, 5(2), 297-308. 
  • Laine, T., & Suhonen, J. (2008). Establishing a mobile blog system in a distance education environment. International Journal of Mobile Learning and Organisation, 2(2), 149-165.
  • Suhonen, J., & Sutinen, E. (2007). Learning Computer Science over the Web: the ViSCoS Odyssey. In R. C. Sharma, & S. Mishra (Ed.), Cases on Global E-Learning Practices: Successes and Pitfalls (pp. 176-188). Idea Group Publishing.
  • Suhonen, J., & Sutinen, E. (2006). FODEM: Developing digital learning environments in widely dispersed learning communities. Journal of Educational Technology & Society, 9(3), 43-55.

Full publication list:

Other activities

  1. Program Chair of the 10th Koli Calling International Conference on Computing Education Research, 2010
  2. Program Committee Member of International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies, 2007-2014
  3. Program Committee Member of the Annual Koli Calling International Conference on Computing Education Research, 2006-2014
  4. Program Committee Member of the IADIS International Conference on Cognition and Exploratory Learning in Digital Age, 2007-2014
  5. Co-ordinator of NSS Informatics on the Ground Project, 2014-2015
  6. Co-ordinator of NSS Garage Computing Project, 2010-2013
  7. Co-ordinator of Establishing a Nordic Centre of Excellence in ICT4D Project, 2009-2010.
  8. Reviewer of international journals, Educational Technology & Society, Educational Technology Research and Development, Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology and MERLOT - Journal of Online Learning and Teaching.
  9. Chair of the UniPID virtual studies working group 2008-2010
  10. Member of the UniPID virtual studies working group 2007-2008


  • Finnish, native
  • English, good
  • Swedish, fluent


Email: jarkko.suhonen@[REMOVE_SPAM]

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  1. Anonymous

    Dear  Jarkko Suhonen
    Thanks in advance for your time and kindness
    I am a PhD candidate in field of rural planning at Shahid Beheshti University, Iran and I am working on my thesis now. My thesis title is "Application ICT in Empowering Farmer and rural development,   Case study: Minoudasht City, District of Center. Now, I am looking for a good university for doing 6-9 month research opportunity and I would really like to  collaborate with you and your department. 
    Regards, reza soleimangoli
  2. Hi,

    I have responded to your email today, August 3, 2014.