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Topic 1: Forest Management

Welcoming words and introduction to UEF Forestry (Timo Tokola, UEF)

Boreal forest management (Heli Peltola, UEF)

Multifunctional forestry conducted by Metsähallitus in Finland (Jyrki Kangas, UEF)

Forest Biodiversity (Matti Koivula, UEF)

Relations between society and forests (Jouni Pykäläinen, UEF)


Topic 2: Tools and Technology

Introduction to geographical information systems in forestry (Timo Tokola, UEF)

Remote sensing supported forest management in Finland (Ninni Saarinen, UEF)

Logging operations and forest technology: videos (Karri Vaatainen, LUKE & Blanca Sanz, UEF)


Topic 3: Risk Management and Bioeconomy

Forest fire prevention and management (Blas Mola, Marina Peris, UEF)

Diseases and pest management (Olli-Pekka Tikkanen, UEF)

Sustainable bioeconomy (Pekka Leskinen, EFI) Metla-talo, Kapy meeting room


Excursions and visits

30 MAY

Finnish Forest Association, Savotta (Liiketie 2, Kaavi)

Pohjan Taimi, Jukka Nursery Garden (photos) 

Koli national park ( (Mari Selkimäki,UEF)

31 MAY

Workshop: Main goals and threats of forestry in Kazakhstan

Visit at Arbonaut Ltd. (CEO, Tuomo Kauranne): Intro, Intro [RU], REDD & Sustainable forests, Roads [RU] 


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