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Management of forest resources for biomass


Kazakh National Agrarian University


The course is part of the Winter School of the Kazakh National Agrarian University (Almaty, Kazakhstan). The purpose of the International Winter Master School is to obtain new knowledge, practical skills, the development of innovative technologies and methods of research. The programme is oriented to Master’s, Doctoral degree students and young scientists in order to increase their knowledge and acquire practical skills. The program includes lectures, master / training classes and round tables, which will allow forming professional and interpersonal competencies among students.


Special topics to be covered in lectures and discussions include: methods for assessing wood biomass resources, tools to estimate supply and demand of wood for energy, management and environmental effects of plantations, multifunctional forest uses, adoption dynamincs on agricultural and forest systems and tools for risk assessment in forest management. among others. This course will also include seminars / excursions related to the themes of the course, which support the learning in addition to the classroom lectures, group work and group discussions.

Course structure

Theme 1

1 Outlook and needs of wood biomass resources
Oil crisis – Wood-fuels in the past - Technology and efficiency
Biomass feedstocks- bulk density – heating value – sources
Logistics – Moisture content – Spatial optimization

Theme 2

2 Biomass production systems
Rationale of energy crops - overview and limitations - current role
Wood plantations - reed canary grass - management details - production levels

Theme 3

3. Methods for assessing and managing wood biomass resources
local and global estimates - how much biomass? - review of estimates
CHP - central district heating - domestic heating - pellets - estimating heat demand

Anouncement 2021 [here].

Programme 2021 [PDF]


Presentation of the course [video]

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