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Production of Non-Food Biomass


Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences



The major focus of the course is on the available and potential sources of non-food biomass from forestry, agriculture, residues and other sources that can be used in a biobased economy, for biofuels, biomaterials etc., in a Swedish and global perspective. Additional issues addressed are the further use of these resources and their potential implications on sustainability.


Upon successful completion of this course, the participants will be able to:

Explain the basis of biomass supply, engineering processes and technologies involved, and energy production, in Sweden and Northern Europe.

Identify the main elements of the production aspects of various forms of biomass, including forest and agricultural residues and biomass plantations. Supply, production, current use and utilization limitations, as well as the technologies related to production and conversion on a sustainable basis.

Handle basic research tools concerning the estimation of current and future biomass supply and use, as well as the use of the different technologies associated with the planning, management, harvesting, transport, conversion and final use.




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