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Ivan Moody, Professor of Church Music





Contact information:
• School of Theology
  Philosophical Faculty
  University of Eastern
  PB 111, FI-80101
  Joensuu, Finland
• phone +358 294 45 2402
  +351 50 436 8665
• email ivan.moody (at)
Ivan Moody's Home Page

School of Theology Home Pages
Currently in Theology in Joensuu


Personal information

  • Born: 1964
  • Spouse: Susana Simões Diniz Moody
  • Children: Sebastian 1994, Sofia 1998, Barbara 2006

Research interests

  • Composition
  • The music of Eastern Europe, especially 20th century and contemporary music from Russia and the Balkans
  • The music of the Orthodox Church in the modern era.
  • Music and spirituality
  • Music as theology
  • Serbian church music
  • The aesthetics of modernism and post-modernism and their intersection with Orthodox church music
  • The musical culture of the Mediterranean

Research projects

  • Modernism and Orthodox spirituality in the arts
  • The cultural idea of The South

Supervised academic theses

Master's theses (in Joensuu)



  • "Re-inverting the Icon: Approaches to the Sacred in the Music of Sofia Gubaidulina, Ljubica Marić and Ivan Spassov", Језик Музике. Музика и религија: Српски Језик, Књижевност, зметност. Зворник радова на VI међународног научног скупа одржаног на Филосошко-уметничком факултету у Крагујевцу (28-29.X.2011), Kragujevac 2012, 51-59
  • "Liturgy, Music and Silence", Ibero-Slavica Yearbook 2011, Lisbon: CompaRes/Clepul 2011,75-81
  • "Interactions between Tradition and Modernism in Serbian Church Music of the 20th Century", Muzikološki Zbornik XLVII, Ljubljana, 2011, 217-224
  • "Integration and Disintegration: Serbian monophony in a polyphonic context", Muzikologija No. 11, Belgrade 2011: 147-158
  • "Aspects of Spirituality and Modernism in the Music of Ljubica Marić", in Dejan Despić and Melita Milin, eds., Spaces of Modernism: Ljubica Marić in Context, Belgrade: SANU, 2010, 75-82
  • "Tradition and Modernism in Serbian Church Music in the 20th Century" in Orientalia et Occidentalia Vol.6: Stav Výskumu Mukačevsko-Užhorodského Nápevu, Košice, Slovakia, 2010, 195-199
  • Review-article: "Recordings of non-Western Chant and Polyphony", Plainsong and Medieval Music, Vol. 9, Part 1, April 2000
  • Review-article: "A Survey of Recordings by Luís de Freitas Branco", Revista Portuguesa de Musicologia Vol. 7, 1997
  • Review-article: "Recordings of non-Western Chant and Polyphony", Plainsong and Medieval Music Vol. 6, Part 1, April 1997
  • Review-article: "A Survey of Recordings of Music by Joly Braga Santos", Revista Portuguesa de Musicologia Vol. 6, 1996
  • "Portuguese 'Mannerism': A Case for an Aesthetic Inquisition?" Early Music, August 1995
    "¿Una Obra desconocida de Escobar? Algunas observaciones sobre el motete Fatigatus Iesus en el Manuscrito Musical No. 12 de la Biblioteca General de la Universidad de Coimbra", Anuario Musical vol. 49, 1994

Non-refereed scientific articles

  • "Music in the Orthodox Church" in Augustine Casiday, ed. The Orthodox Christian World, Oxford: Routledge, 2012: 531-46 [book chapter]
  • "The Space of the Soul: An Interview with Sofia Gubaidulina", Tempo Vol. 66, Issue 259 (January 2012), 31-35
  • "Традиция и творчество в българската православна църковна музика: Дейността на Петър Динев" in Културното наслество на Рилския Манастир Състояние и Перспективи на Проуването, Опазването и Реставрирането му, Софиа: Исток Запад, 2011, 259-275
  • "Ayo visto lo Mappamundi: Working with Bruno Turner", in Pure Gold: Golden Age Sacred Music in the Iberian World. A Homage to Bruno Turner, ed. Tess Knighton & Bernadette Nelson, Kassel: Edition Reichenberger 2011, xxiii-xxvii [book chapter]
  • "Arvo Pärt: Aspects of Spirituality, Music and Text in the 21st Century", in Principles of Music Composing: Sacred Music.10th International Music Theory Conference, Vilnius: Lietuvos muzikos ir teatro akademija 2011, 209-213
  • Book review: Dimitrije O. Golemović, Balkan Refrain. Form and Tradition in European Folk Song. ([Europea: Ethnomusicologies and Modernities, No. 9] Lanham, Maryland; Toronto: Plymouth, UK: Scarecrow Press, 2010), Notes, 2011
  • "Tradition and Creation in Bulgarian Orthodox Church Music: The Work of Petar Dinev", in Church, State and Nation in Orthodox Church Music: Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Orthodox Church Music, Joensuu: ISOCM, 2010, 232-241
  • Book review: Jean Biès: John Tavener l'Enchanteur: Une introduction à la musique du silence (Paris: Les Deux Océans, 2008), Temenos Academy Review 13, 2010, 182-184
  • "Some current areas of research in Orthodox Chant and their impact on performance" in Manuel Pedro Ferreira, ed., Mediaeval Sacred Chant: From Japan to Portugal, Lisbon: Colibri 2009, 111-116
  • "The Idea of Canonicity in Orthodox Liturgical Art", in Composing and Chanting in the Orthodox Church: Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Orthodox Liturgical Music, Joensuu: ISOCM/University of Joensuu, 2009, 337-342
  • "Some Aspects of the Polyphonic Treatment of Byzantine Chant in the Orthodox Church in Europe", in Musica se extendit ad omnia. Scritti in onore di Alberto Basso per il suo 75° compleanno, a cura di Rosy Moffa e Sabrina Saccomani, Lucca: LIM, 2007, 67-73
  • "Ortodoksia, Musiikki, Tulevaisus ja Länsi", Erga 2005
  • "A voz de Fernando Lopes-Graça", Arte Musical, IV Série, Vol. II no. 8/9, Julho-Outubro 1997
  • "Messages for the 20th Century: Contemporary Music in Portugal", in Portugal at its Best, Frankfurt Book Fair, 1997
  • "The Mind and the Heart: Contemporary Composers and Eastern Orthodox Mysticism", Contemporary Music Review 14/3-4, 1996
  • "Mensagens: Portuguese Music in the 20th Century", Tempo, October 1996, 2-10
  • "Music as a Sacred Art", Contemporary Music Review, 12/2, 1995
  • "Cem Anos de Solidão: Música de Dois Mundos no Século XVI", Proceedings of the I Encontro Musicológico, Festival de Música Colonial Brasileira e Música Antiga, Juiz de Fora, 1995
  • "Henryk Mikolaj Górecki: The Path to the Miserere", Musical Times, June 1992
  • "A bird sang in the darkness: Einojuhani Rautavaara and the voice", Tempo, June 1992
  • "An Introduction to the Music of Giya Kancheli", Tempo, New Series, 173, Soviet Issue June 1990, 49-50+52
  • "The Music of Alfred Schnittke", Tempo, New Series, 168, March 1989, 4-11
  • "La scherzosità delle apparenze: The music of Niccolò Castiglioni", Journal of Teachers of Italian, 1989
  • "Tavener's Akathist of Thanksgiving", Musical Times, September 1988, 511-515
  • "Ikons in Music", Sobornost, Vol. 10, No.1, March 1988, 34-37
  • "The Church Music of John Tavener" (with Peter Philips), Composer, Winter 1987

Scientific books (monographs)

  • Light from the East: Modernism and Orthodox Spirituality in Contemporary Music
    (Lisbon, Joensuu, Belgrade: CESEM/ISOCM/SANU, in preparation)
  • (Editor with Maria Takala-Roszczenko) Church, State and Nation in Orthodox Church Music: Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Orthodox Church Music, Joensuu: ISOCM, 2010
  • (Editor with Maria Takala-Roszczenko) Composing and Chanting in the Orthodox Church: Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Orthodox Church Music, Joensuu: University of Joensuu/ISOCM, 2009
  • (Editor with Maria Takala-Roszczenko) The Traditions of Orthodox Music: Proceedings of the First International Conference on Orthodox Church Music, Joensuu: University of Joensuu/ISOCM, 2007
  • (Editor) Contemporary Sacred Music: Contemporary Music Review 12/2, London 1995

Publications intended for professional communities

  • Entries on "Bulgarian Hymnody", "Russian Hymnody", "Orthodox Church Hymnody" and "Compline" for Canterbury Dictionary of Hymnology, forthcoming
  • Entry on "John Tavener" for Musik in Geschichte und Gesellschaft, 2006
  • Entries on "John Tavener" and "Alfred Schnittke" in Stanley Sadie, ed., The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, rev. ed., London: Macmillan, 2001

Publications intended for the general public

  • "Orthodox Church Music," and "Music in the Orthodox Church in Russia" in Tim Dowley, ed., Christian Music. A Global History, Oxford: Lion Publishing, 2011, 46-49 and 154-155 [book sections]
  • Book review: J.P.E. Harper-Scott: Edward Elgar, Modernist (Cambridge: Cambridge University Presss, 2007), International Record Review, February 2007
  • "On Parallel Lines: A Conversation with Jan Garbarek" in Paul Griffiths and Steve Lake, eds, Horizons Touched: The Music of ECM, Granta Books, London 2007, 47-58
  • "Divertimento Trágico: A Música Orquestral de Fernando Lopes-Graça", 2006
  • "Music of Democracy: Mikis Theodorakis on his 80th Birthday" (Gramophone, September 2005)
  • "Os Sonhos de Jan Garbarek", Público, 9 October 2004
  • "The Choral Music of Leoš Janáček", Choir & Organ, July 2004
  • "Philip Glass – Clearest Mirror of Our Age", Gramophone, May 2003
  • Detour... "Keith Jarrett", Gramophone, February 2004
  • "John Tavener's The Veil of the Temple", The Full Score, April 2003
  • "Reflections on Death and Life in Contemporary Orthodox Music", Jacob's Well, Winter 2000-2001
  • "Early Music in Greece", Goldberg 9, November 1999, 22-25
  • "Orthodox Chant", Goldberg 7, May 1999, 52-61
  • "The Composer and Early Music", Goldberg 1, 1997, 98-101
  • "Old Sounds in the New World: Latin American Music after the Conquistadores", Holland Festival Oude Muziek Programma, 1997
  • "An Outline History of Russian Sacred Music", Holland Festival Oude Muziek Programma, 1995
  • "Frente a Frente: Portugal, Spain, Africa and America in 16th Century Song", Holland Festival Oude Muziek Programma, 1992
  • "Advanced Conservatism: From Dunstable to Purcell", Holland Festival Oude Muziek Programma 1991

Forthcoming books and articles

  • Light from the East: Modernism and Orthodox Spirituality in Contemporary Music
  • Word, Sound and Image (ed. with Sara Peno)
  • "Paper and Heasychasm: Notating Spiritual Silence"
  • "The Aesthetics of After. Lutoslawski and Rachmaninov"
  • "Art as Palimpsest. Cultural Exegesis in the Work of Vladimir Godár"

Education and degrees

  • Bachelor of Music 1985, University of London
  • Ordained Deacon 2007, Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople
  • Ordained Priest 2007, Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople
  • Doctor of Philosophy 2008, University of York
  • Elevated to Stavophore Economos 2008, Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople
  • Post-Doctoral Research Fellow 2010-2012, CESEM –- Universidade Nova, Lisbon
  • Elevated to Protopresbyter 2012, Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople

Scientific Expert Positions and Board Memberships

  • Editorial Board, Bulgarian Musicology, 2012 –--
  • Editorial Reader for Muzikologija (Institute of Musicology, Belgrade, Serbia) 2011
  • Member of Jury for Antidogma Festival Composition Competition, Turin, Italy 2005
  • Member of Jury for Antidogma Festival Composition Competition, Turin, Italy 2004
  • Chairman of the International Society for Orthodox Church Music, 2003 —
  • Member of the Advisory Committee for the Pan-Orthodox Society for the Advancement of Liturgical Music (USA) 2001
  • Member of Jury for Fernando Lopes-Graça Composition Competition, Lisbon, Portugal 2000
  • Member of Editorial Panel of Goldberg 1997 –--
  • Managing Editor by Harwood Academic Publishers of the "Music Archive Publications" series 1992 -1997





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