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Muhammad MusTafa Hassan, MSc

University Lecturer
Faculty of Information Technology
University of Central Punjab
1 - Khayaban-e-Jinnah, Johar Town 
 Lahore-54000, Pakistan

Cell: +92 323 649 1919 
Email: mustafaazeem(at)

About Me 

Welcome to my personal space in University of Eastern Finland Wiki. I am Muhammad Mustafa Hassan, though friends call me MusT sometimes, and officially its written mhassan. I am registered as a doctoral student in IMPDET. I am connected to the fields of Computer Science since 2001, either studying or working. However, since last four years, I am teaching is CS and IT. Currently I work as a university lecturer at the University of Central Punjab Pakistan.

Short Bio 

Mhassan is currently working as a university lecturer at the Faculty of Information Technology of the University of Central Punjab Pakistan. He has joined this faculty in October 2012. Earlier, he worked as a university Lecturer for almost three years at Superior University Pakistan.

Mhassan was born and raised in a reasonably large town of Pakistan, namely Multan. It is quite a historic place, rooting back to ancient history and civilizations. The city existed even before the times of recorded history.

Mhassan started his education in a government school in multan. He earned his high school, and then Bachelor in Statistics in 2001 from Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan. After that, he moved to lahore to attend GC University Lahore for a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Technology and Communication ending in 2002. After the diploma, he enrolled in MSc computer science at the same university.

After completing his MSc, mhassan worked with Superior College as a visiting lecturer, and with Zoniversal as a system administrator, returning later in 2007 to his alma mater (GCU) as a LABs supervisor. He was fortunate to enroll in MS Computer Science (18 years education) at the same department, simultaneously with his job. After completing the course work, he found the opportunity to complete his remaining work at the Distributed Systems lab of the Åbo Akademi University. He completed this degree in May 2009.

After completing this education, he returned back to his homeland. And now, He works with the University of Central Punjab.


I am mostly teaching some of the following subjects

  • Human Computer Interaction 
  • Software Engineering 
  • Discrete Structures 
  • Operating Systems 
  • Network Security 
  • Data Communications and Networking

Research Interests

I started with working on the themes of networks and distributed systems. However, the years of teaching in universities turned my focus to pedagogical aspects of Computer Science. Currently, I am interested into Human Computer Interaction, Software Visualization, and Ethnocomputing, particularly in a pedagogical setting.


In Progress
  • A survey of literature in the field of Education Technology
  • A novel approach to automated mutation testing through genetic algorithms
  • A Multi-Token Authorization Framework towards Secure Mobile Cloud Computing
Doctoral Work

The title of my thesis is "Jeliot M: An Ethnocomputing Oriented Way to Visualize Programs on a Mobile Device". Jeliot is a brain child of Prof. Erkki Sutinen and his research group. A well known Software Visualization Platform provides instructors with a great pedagogical innovation. It helps novice programmers to visualize what they are coding, resulting in better mental models.
We plan to work our ways to extend this software in an ethno-oriented way. This work shall result in a solution that reduces the impact of digital divide. It shall also be able to aid the learners with visualization from their own ethno-environment.
The work is still in very early phase. We plan to report our results as soon as we get them concrete.

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