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Learning portfolio submissions


The following table contains the instructions for the voluntary learning portfolio. Every student is encouraged to keep detailed track of the lectures and to produce their own material to better understand the topics of the lectures. If partcipiants of the course submit their learning portfolio before the exam dates (see below), those will be published in this page, along to previous year's portfolios. Bear in mind not all the portfolios have accurate information, although we try to remove those with faulty or missleading information. Once identified, it is discussed with the students, hence the importance of submitting the portfolio before the exam dates. Exceptionally good portfolios (i.e. entailing a good account of the course topics, developing the theory with examples and application) will be granted a benefit in the grade (see below conditions).


titleLearning portfolio
  • Instructions: voluntary learning diary (individually). It is a document that should contain (1) a short description of each topic of the course, (2) description of possible examples and applications outside those explained in the lectures (3) your perspective, links, references, ideas and intrerest related to the topic and issues where you would need further training
  • Evaluation: Exceptionally good portfolios delivered before the final exam will result on +1 point in the final grade (not on retake). All learning diaries will be published in this wiki, to be accessible to other students in order to prepare the final exam.
  • Workload recommended: included in the 60h of self studying
  • Motivation: to better digest all the concepts along the lectures on theory
  • Contact person: Blas Mola (


Portfolio lists

Please, upload your portfolios preferably here following the format of the other works (e.g. Portfolio NAME.doc). Exceptionally, you can email them.


Portfolio NAME.pdf

Portfolio_Pemelyn Santos

Portfolio_Ignatius Kristia Adikurnia

Portfolio_Camila Maciel.pdf

Portfolio Yeray Manuel López Gómez.pdf

Portfolio_Renata Aguayo.pdf

Portfolio Sören Pollmann.pdf

Portfolio Matheus S Costa.pdf

Portfolio José G. Santacruz.pdf

Portfolio Simon Fleckenstein.pdf

Portfolio_Juriaan Zandvliet.pdf

Portfolio_Ramji Pandey.pdf

Portfolio Max Thien.pdf

Portfolio_Mikola Krenzel.pdf

Portfolio_Binyam Yosef.pdf

Portfolio_Pham Huu Minh.pdf

Portfolio_Xiaoqian Xu.pdf

Portfolio_Hsiao-Fan WU.pdf



Portfolio_Jerbelle Elomina.pdf




Portfolio_Chaloupecky.pdf (*: does not meet minimum requirements)







Please, upload your learning portfolio here following the example. Portfolios not listed in this page, or posted after the deadline will not be evaluated. Incomplete portfolios, not fulfilling the instructions or presenting plagiarism will not be considered.

If there is any problem with the submission, it should be communicated before the deadline.