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Higher Education
Additional studies (selected)
  • International development cooperation, UNIPID and University of Turku, Finland, 30.3-30.5.2012.
  • Studies in intercultural competence (5 modules: Culturally Effective Professionals, Ethical Basis for Intercultural Interaction, Ethnic & Cultural Multiplicity, Intercultural Communication Competence, Framework & Concepts for Intercultural Professional Development) at the Universities of Joensuu and Kuopio (2008-2009).
  • Methods and methodology in cross-cultural comparative research, Hanken School of Economics & Fudan University, School of Management, Shanghai, China, 12-16 April 2010.
  • Human Dimensions in Forestry, Faculty of Forest Sciences, University of Joensuu, Spring 2008
  • Ethics and Social Responsibility in Research, University of Sidney, Australia, and University of Eastern Finland, December 15, 2010 - January 4, 2011
  • ­Project Cycle Management, University of Jyväskylä, Finland, spring 2010
  • Survey Research, Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland, spring 2009
  • Scientific Writing, 16th ECSE Summer School in Novel Computing, Univ. of Joensuu, summer 2009Conference English, University of Joensuu, autumn 2007
  • Twelfth ASEF University on Asia-Europe Environmental Co-operation: Towards Sustainable Forest  Management, Brunei, 9- 22 July 2005 (as student)        
Participations in congresses etc (selected)
  • III International Symposium on Forestry Education, Joensuu, 9-12 October 2012 (keynote speaker) (abstract)
  • Citizenship transformations in a global world, Helsinki, 9-10 February 2012 (speaker)
  • International Symposium on Forestry Education, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 17-21 May 2010 (speaker) (abstract)
  • Silva Network Conference on Bachelor/Master education in forest sciences, Zagreb, 17-19 June 2010 (speaker)
  • XIII World Forestry Congress, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 8- 25 October 2009 (speaker)
  • Silva Network Conference on Development of forest science curricula in Europe, Thessaloniki, 3-8 November 2009 (speaker) (abstract)
  • Joensuu Forestry Networking Week: Fighting climate change: adapting forest policy and forest management in Europe, Joensuu, 24-29 May 2009
  • Silva Network Conference on Graduate Analyses for Forest Sciences and Related Curricula, Copenhagen, 15-17 May 2008 (speaker) (abstract)
  • Seminar on Quality Assurance in Joint International Education, Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University & Cross-Border University, 7-8 November 2007 (participant)
  • Erasmus Mundus Conference on Enhancing Attractiveness of European Higher Education, Brussels 28-29 November 2006 (participant)     
  • EduSilva (current chairman), Joensuun Jääkarhut, Joensuun Kauhojat, Chinese Culture Association in Eastern Finland