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12:15Aditya AcharyaNepal

Which forest type sequesters higher carbon in biomass –

Pinus roxburghii or Quercus glauca

YesTo compare the amount of biomass carbon stock in two forest types of the study area and to decide which, among those two types, have higher contribution to the mitigation of climate change.

Mapping the expansion and distribution of willow, aspen and poplar plantations for bioenergy in Sweden, from 2001 to 2016.


Analysis of the evolution and distribution of willow, aspen and poplar plantations area in Sweden during 2001 to 2016 period, apart from the factors that may have played a strong role in that modification. Being those the main tree species in biomass production for bioenergy purposes.

12:45CamilaBrazilTimberland Investment Management OrganizationsYesIntroduce the concept of Timberland Investment Management Organizations (TIMOs).
13:00SimonGermanySorbus torminalis and Sorbus doméstica in the forest district "Hagwald", Germany: Distribution and present relevanceYesGiving the audience background knowledge considering the ecological demand of the species as well as applied forest management using the example of a forest district in Southern Germany
13:15BalázsHungaryTracking more frequent droughts in Hungarian forests: from the stories told by tree rings to the national statisticsYesShowing evidence and effects of changing climatic conditions in SE Central Europe over the last decades from forest stand to regional level with a focus on Hungary

The planted trees sector and its relation with water resources in Brazil

YesDiscuss about the pratices of the planted trees sector in Brazil and how they affect the water resources.
13:45Ignatius Kristia AdikurniaIndonesia Yes