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This page lists important project events such as workshops, meetings and training. You can find more information of each event by clicking the links in the table.


Oct 18 - Nov 5

  • Android forestry game, server configurations and Moodle training, at Nairobi/Eldoret, Kenya. Organised by UOE-UEF. read more >>

Oct 1-13

  • Forest measurement training, international networking, at Joensuu, Finland. Organised by UEF - Arbanaut.  read more >>

Aug 27-31

  • Project progress and curriculum review workshop, at Eldoret, Kenya. Organised by UOE - UEF. read more >> 

June 6-21

  • Project progress, support and training, at Eldoret, Kenya. Organised by UOE - UEF. read more >>

Feb 15-24

  • Staff training (Moodle) & further developments, at Eldoret, Kenya. Organised by UOE - UEF. read more >>


Nov 1-10

  • Evaluating target context and development workshop, at Eldoret, Kenya. Organised by UOE. read more >>

Oct 3-7

  • Project kick-off workshop between all parties, at Joensuu, Finland. Organised by UEF. read more >>


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