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  1. Click on the University of Eastern Finland account button. You will be redirected to UEF login page. FIGURE 1
  2. Log in with your UEF account. FIGURE 2
  3. If the login was successful you will be logged in to Moodle. If you’re logging in for the first time you will be asked to agree with the User agreement for study materials.
  4. After agreeing, your personal information will be shown to you. You can fill in the missing city, country, etc information and click save. IMPORTANT! If you don’t have email address in this view you cannot save it directly in to Moodle. You have to save it into central UEF user database instead. This can be found from address
  5. Now you are in the main page of Moodle. In the middle of the page there are Moodle related guides and news. The courses you are enrolled in are on the left side of the screen in “My courses” block. If you have a lot of courses it is possible that not all of them are shown in this list. You can find all of you courses by clicking My Moodle.


FIGURE 1 Moodle login page. Click the top button if you have UEF account


If you cannot log in

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