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How to get a new moodle course ?

You can order a new course with form: Request new course, course reset or course copy 

  • You will get a message after your request is processed (within 1-3 days).
  • After that, please check that course settings are ok (Course Administration ->Edit Settings).

How to find or set enrollment key?

You can set or find course key (enrollment key) for your course as follows:

  • Course administration > Users > Enrollment methods > Self enrollment (Student) > Enrolment key.

  •  If you wish to see the key, please tick Unmask next to enrolment key.

How to open a course to students?

If your course's name is grey-toned, it's not available to students. Before sending invitation message to your students, you have to set your course available:

  • Course administration > Edit settings > Availability > This course is available to students.

What kind of invitation letter you can send to your students via e-mail?

Here's an example:

“Welcome to study <University Study Skills>: <>. The enrolment key (course key) for the course is <USS2012>. The course starts on <xx.xx.xxxx> and ends on <xx.xx.xxxx>. ..." <Add other information if needed.>

Moodle 2.8 Manuals

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