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Antoine Lévy, professor, Russian Ideas and Religions



Contact information
• School of Theology
  Philosophical Faculty
  University of Eastern Finland
  PB 111
  FI-80101 Joensuu, Finland
• phone +358 294 45 2993
• Studium Catholicum
  Ritarikatu 3b, FI-00170 Helsinki
• phone: +358 9 612 06713
              +358 50 304 2778
• e-mail: antoine.levy (at)
      antoine.levy (at)

School of Theology Home Pages
Currently in Theology in Joensuu



Personal information

Research interests and projects

  • Theological sources and political consequences of the divide between Latin/Western and Byzantine/Eastern Christian traditions.
  • Theological and practical reflection on a possible “Jewish way” within Christianity.


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     Comprehensive list of publications is here

  • Le créé et l'incréé : Maxime le Confesseur et Thomas d'Aquin : aux sources de la querelle palamienne, 2006.
  • Divine Essence and Divine Energies, C. Athanasopoulos and C. Schneider editors, James Clarke and Co., UK (contribution).




Education and degrees

Church commitments

Professional appointments

Russian State University for Humanities (RSUH, РГГУ)

  • Teaching course on the History of religious ideas in the West, 1997.

Helsinki Studium Catholicum (a cultural centre)

  • Director, 2004 ⇒

University of Helsinki

  • Teaching theology as an adjunct-professor (dosentti), 2007 ⇒

University of Eastern Finland

  • Professor, Russian Ideas and Religions, 2013 ⇒

Positions of Trust

Other engagements

  • Launched the “Helsinki Consultation”, an international annual gathering of Christian theologians with a Jewish background, in 2009



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