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  • Antti Seppälä
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Antti Seppälä, Junior Researcher


Contact information:
• School of Theology
  Philosophical Faculty
  University of Eastern Finland
  PB 111, FI-80101
  Joensuu, Finland
• phone +358 40 56 477 47
• email antti.seppala (at)

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Currently in Theology in Joensuu



Personal information

  • Born: 1985
  • Hobbies: Literature (also other than theological)

Research interests and projects

  • John Rawls
  • Ethics
  • Project: Justice in a pluralistic society - John Rawls's conception of justice


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Education and degrees

  • Matriculation examination

  • Master of Theology, 2011, University of Eastern Finland
    • Systematic Theology/ Ethics

Professional appointments

University of Eastern Finland

Other engagements




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