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Visits in state institutions in Riga/Tallinn

2014-05-12_Kask U_Population registration and censuses in Estonia. Possibilities for “catching” highly mobile citizens using existing data.pdf

Lecture day 1 in Pärnu

2014-05-13_Pyy_What is peripherisation and what makes peripheries different.pdf


2014-05-13_Kjartansdóttir_Theories of place making and local development planning.pdf

2014-05-13_Holt-Jensen_Transition from state-socialism to market economy.pdf

     Home works/country presentations

2014-05-13_Ainaži, Tūja & Salacgrīva.pdf / 2014-05-13_Salacgrīva municipality.pdf

2014-05-13_Noarootsi & Vormsi.pdf

2014-05-13_The development of summer housing and tourism in Iceland.pdf

2014-05-13_Second homes in Finland, South-Savo & Mäntyharju.pdf / Home work report_UEF student group.doc

Lecture day 2 in Pärnu

2014-05-14_Kase_Introduction Pärnu County. Full time and part time citizens sources for conflict and cooperation. A civil servant viewpoint.pdf

2014-05-14_Merimaa_Leader actions in Pärnu Bay coastal areas. How to count and involve temporary citizens. A community activist viewpoint.pdf

2014-05-14_Leetmaa_Second home inhabitants and migrants.pdf

2014-05-14_Leetmaa_Qualitative methods in urban and regional research.pdf

2014-05-14_Holt-Jensen_The case study approach.pdf

Excursion presentations

2014-05-15_Huul_Regional Development centres daily activities. Are second home owners boosting or retarding coastal development`s.pdf

2014-05-15_Kokovkin_Obscured visibility, secure escapism and peninsularity.pdf

Second last day presentations

2014-05-22_Pyy_How to prepare a good quality report.pdf

2014-05-22_Raagmaa_How to make a good presentation.pdf

Photos by Barun Khanal

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